Top 5 Kickstarter Games Coming to a PC Near You

Matt Marinett of PC Gaming Enthusiast looks to some of the more impressive games that have been funded via Kickstarter.

He writes:

"Crowdfunding of video games is a volatile market. In particular, with Kickstarter, there’s never a guarantee that a game that reaches its funding goal will ever get made. In the last few years, we’ve seen a few high profile cases where backers received very little even after their funds were taken and used. Author Neil Stephenson’s sword fighting game Clang was put down in September of last year with only a few refunds provided. Another, the Yogscast-based Yogventures!, stirred controversy when it was cancelled after over half a million dollars of backers’ money was spent."

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WizzroSupreme1414d ago

I've never contributed to a Kickstarter. Maybe I should start.

BattleAxe1414d ago

It's a crime not to have H-Hour: World's Elite listed in there.