The Resistance Franchise May Soon Make Its Return On The PS4

Sony May Be Bringing The Back The Resistance Franchise to the PS4 after developer Insomniac Games ended the franchise

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SaveFerris1450d ago

Interesting. I hope it is a reboot rather than a remaster. I wonder which studio Sony could hand this off to develop?

uptownsoul1450d ago

I'm hoping we get a remaster in the short term and a reboot in the long term…Maybe a late 2015 remaster of Resistance 1-3 (w/Burning Skies) and a 2016 Reboot

ABizzel11450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Here's something to help out both Resistance and Killzone. Bring the Chimera in to fight the Helghast and ISA.

Resistance always had the better story, Killzone had the graphics and gameplay (although it changes too much with each gen).

Take the world of Killzone, turn it on it's head by throwing in the Chimera invading their worlds, bring back KZ3 gameplay mechs / jetpacks / etc..., and make the story dark like Killzone 2, and you have a winner on your hands.

Killzone: Resistance

Now send me my check Sony. Not only will it be a good game, it's ultimate fan service, and helps established the concept of 1 Sony even among 1st party developers (or in this case 1st party IP).



MS I'm still waiting on my check as well


Abizzel, pure genius
I love both franchises actually just bought killzone hd the other day and was playing split screen. Good memories booting That up

metatronx1450d ago

Abizzel as director for next killzone confirmed? :p

breakpad1450d ago

Resistance series was terrible .. why Sony want to continue the series..

Gamer19821450d ago

I think Sony can do good with it as Insomniac almost buried it with the 3rd game which was a disaster..

badz1491450d ago

Resistance BS on Vita was not a great representation of the franchise unlike what KZM is doing on the same platform. KZM is arguably the best handheld FPS ever made while Resistance BS is just like something randomly put together and be called a game.

I would love for the franchise to be continued to this gen and for the love of god, Sony, don't treat it like a stepchild! R3 was amazing but the MP needs something like R2.

BitbyDeath1450d ago


Good ideas, I'd also retain the weapon wheel of Resistance + Resistance 1 multiplayer + splitscreen and i'm sold.

BattleAxe1450d ago

It would be nice if Soy would at least release digital downloads of all three games on the Playstation network on PS3. If they do bring back Resistance on PS4, and they do a great job, then between this and Uncharted, I might be swayed towards finally buying a PS4. A proper Killzone game wouldn't hurt either.

pop_tarts1450d ago

So much yes @4theplayers!!!

EeJLP-1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Resistance: The Angry Night

Prequel set in Russia and/or eastern Europe.

"Brotherhood, strength, and fortitude..."
" the face of the Angry Night."

Start with R:FoM as the base.

R:FoM features to start with as a baseline:
*Manual Squading (But start everyone on Tango instead of None)
*Mirrored objective maps - Both side are even, no advantages to any given side.
*Focus on run&gun hip-firing with optional Aim Down Sights.
*Straight shots, no spread with carbine. Ability to 'carbine snipe' (Bullseye is meant to be the spread weapon and faster rate of fire to compensate for the spread.)
*Freedom of movement (Ability to run and jump in any direction, including backwards (Moving at the speed of thought), so you can skillfully dodge attacks and not get 'stuck' having to turn before you can run.
*Weapon Damage - A skillful difference in headshot to bodyshot hits to kill. Many shots to kill (R:FoM amount) so the cream rises to the top. So skill can overcome camping.
*Weapon wheel
*Weapon spawns (Everyone is even, and no-one starts with heat-seeking rocket launchers like R3.
*Node Games (Meltdown, Breach, Assault)
*Freedom of movement on Air Vents (Moving at the speed of thought) (like R:FoM and not forced vents like R2.
*Lip synching
*Spectators in Custom
*Co-op Campaign local and online.
*Offline local Multiplayer
*R:FoM-like narrated Cutscenes (In my opinion. Felt like you're playing an important historical event. I loved the presentation and atmosphere of these cutscenes.)
*Spawn points. The spawn points being located BEHIND the objective and not AT the objective (except when spawning with squad) was the perfect way to go. I don't know how the concept was lost in the building of R2. Killing off the team and having them all spawn directly (or in the very near vicinity) on the flag was absolutely ridiculous. It punishes the advancing team for killing off their opponents.
*Target Bombers - Rewarded good aim with your grenades and who didn't love the satisfaction of being on target with your arcing throw? The explosion, the bodies flying, and your target bomber ribbon? And one of the few 1hits brought about through skill (arcing aim and calcuating where your opponents would be).
*Bring back R:FoM style Auger, no half dome shield.
*Large player counts 60p maybe too much, 40p was good in R:FoM. 3v3s to 8v8s are fine to, but the 8v8 limit in R3 after 20v20 and 30v30 in the previous games was ridiculous.
*Pre-game chatroom lobby
*Clan support is a must.
*Clan tags.

R2 features to consider carrying over:
*Henry Stillman's Radio USA Philadelphia-like broadcasts (Instant Classic. My favorite part of R2. The squishing noise on headshots is cool too.)
*The 8 player Co-op
*All stats count, even if you quit or get disconnected. (Quitters still get their bad games in their stats, just get to put an end to it sooner, which shows how many times in their Quits. I argued/begged for this many times when I had a bad connection, for all my stats to count. Then argued in favor for it again to count all the stats of k/d quitters as a deterence against them.)
*In-game Stat Leaderboards
*In-game clan look-up
*Female Skins
*Chimera Loadout

EeJLP-1450d ago


Do Not include anything that kills or weakens enemies artificially for the player such as R3's turrets and other non-sense.

NO WEAPON UPGRADES. People already having the advantage of being more experienced and knowing the maps better do not need to also have stronger weapons.

*Reduce power weapon ammo, for example LAARKs and LAARK ammo have 1 shot, not 2. 40mms should be more rare, less ammo or longer spawn times. Bullseye tag delay. Arc charger was ruined in a later update to where it can 1hit kill and sometimes at relatively long distances. It was originally considered to be skilled. No 1hit body snipes, 1hit headshots only.

Nothing else unskilled and anti-competitive. If you want to add anything like that, add it as options in Custom, keep it out of Ranked.

mechlord1450d ago

DAAAAAAMN man, you had to go and say you blew it, because SONY won't make that so they don't have to pay you a dime.

Thats exactly what they were gonna do, now they will slap something quick and nonsensical.

EeJLP-1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

*Ability to turn off individual secondary fires in Custom for clan battles or regular skilled matches.

*Freedom of movement with the scoreboard open. You could not do this on R2.

*No quitting out of staging.

*No Berserks in Ranked, add them as optional in Custom if you must.

*Chimera and Human have differences like in R:FoM, not just a reskin like in R2.

*I mentioned node games above, but again, legit Meltdown like R:FoM. Active objectives where you actually have to do something, like Meltdown, CTF, Core Control, and Assault. No OBJs like R2's 'Meltdown' where you just stand around near a beacon. You need to actually shoot out the rods, the same as in R:FoM. Different weapons do different damage to it, so there's a knowledge curve and you may need to go out of your way to get node-killing weapons. Arc charger secondary kills enemies near node by linking off rods.

So no standing around OBJs, also no being babied around the map, hand beind held, like R2's Skirmish. Go here, ok, now go there.. no, put us on a map with nodes or a flag and start the clock. That's it.

*Screenshots (I guess that's built into the Share button now anyway)...

I've had a lot of this saved as notes from years ago and posted most of it on the old myres forums if anyone was wondering. I did type some new stuff, but no I did not just spend hours on writing this all.

R:FoM was about the most competitive and skilled game and it was the best game I've played where you can usually see real skill through someone's stats.. their accuracy, their weapons used, etc. R:FoM was great. R:TAN can be great. If they screw this up Again.. I don't know what to say. And R3 was no R:FoM, not with small player count, weapon upgrades, turrets, giant shields, killstreak rewards.

*Which reminds me.. No killstreak rewards, no perks, etc.

I also have a potential box art concept. If anyone working on this game wants to contact me, feel free to.

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CocoWolfie1450d ago

speculation is kinda fun huh? XD

Ron_Danger1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Insomniac could also be making the reboot. They're hard at work on the Ratchet & Clank reboot so it's not out of the question that Sony would have them do it.

I think it would be cool to have the Chimera take over happen during a different war. I'd love a Vietnam war era Resistance. That time period was so controversial (mainly in the US) as far as protesting the war goes. It would be cool if you played as a character that opposed the original Vietnam war, but was forced to join not because of the initial draft, but because of the Chimera draft.

Imagine a level where you were originally supposed to take over a Vietnamese Army base base, but instead it turned into a rescue mission where you save the soldiers from the chimera since the goal is saving humanity, not helping Nixon in the next election.

Sorry, maybe if I said "I hope it takes place in the future where, when you aren't blowing up everything, you're fist bumping everything else!" that would interest you. Some people like actual story and conflict in their games.

Becuzisaid1450d ago


jb2271450d ago

Insomniac doing the reboot would be great but Ted Price has said they are kinda finished w/ that world, and Sony might want to keep the franchise in house...Hell I'd like to see Sony create another new first party dev & hand it off to them. That'd be a great franchise to prove talent off of, it's not so big to where a failure would be massive & it's not so small to where you wouldn't get many eyes on it if ends up great.

SmielmaN1450d ago

Mi doubt insomniac is making it as they kind of jumped off the Sony payroll and into Ms's. But, maybe they are coming back to Sony after SO pretty much flopped.

Imo though, insomniac is finished with Resistance

metatronx1450d ago

@smielman: god, insomniac always run back to sony when they are in trouble, arent they?

Knushwood Butt1450d ago

Insomniac aren't in a situation where they can pick and choose.

Fuse, and then Sunset Overdrive... It's not like they are the talk of the town.

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TheStrokes1450d ago

I really hope its a brand new version. I think there is too much talk about remastering games, which will make developers think thats what we really want instead of originality.

Muzikguy1450d ago

Now this is some good news! I really enjoyed the multiplayer and the stories of the first 2 games. Not sure how well they'll hold up with all the other FPS games but I guess we will find out

Magicite1450d ago

Recently finished R1 and R2, probably gonna get 3rd one soon too. Im not big fan of FPS genre, but this game is pretty good and with a decent story.

crimsonfox1450d ago

Part 3 was the best one!

darren_poolies1450d ago

I would absolutely love this! Resistance: FOM is one of my favourite PS3 and the multiplayer was one of the best I've ever played. 40 players, one-shot kill, on Manchester Cathedral was one of the best online experiences I'll ever have. Resistance 2 was really fun especially the coop. And Resistance 3 was also phenomenal, very very very underrated.

I just want a continuation of the universe because the story was excellent.

hduce1450d ago

I like the Resistance series so much I would settle for a remaster if a reboot is not in the works.

showtimefolks1450d ago

Resistance 2 had amazing 8 plAyer coop yet somehow someway it wasn't included in resistance 3. To this day I don't understand the logic, you have a mode which is being played by a lot of people yet it was removed and imo that is why resistance 3 failed. Single player wise resistance 3 was amazing

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1450d ago

Agreed....first had a great multiplayer map scaling was great according to # of players but I felt the controls were clunky cod style controls (only good thing copied by most fps games) were not mainstream yet, 2 was outstanding. Online rocked and co op was a blast. 3 was Resistance of Duty killzone edition. It totally lost its identity and tried blending and fixing what didn't need tinkered with.

If new game went back to R1/R2 roots I'd pick it up, if it was anything like 3 wouldn't even give it a look. Not sure I'd even do a remaster unless it brought back r2 co op/multiplayer and threw in the R1 maps.

showtimefolks1450d ago

Yeah I buy the remaster if it had the 8 player Co op

Chevalier1449d ago

Agreed, if they had done expansions and updated I would still be playing. It was truly an amazing experience.

Bobby Kotex1450d ago

This is the last thing I want remastered. They need to move on to the next chapter.

Svinya1450d ago

Great news. Resistance 2 campaign was one of my favorite PS3 games and I'm halfway through Resistance 3.

TAURUS-5551449d ago

it was a decent shooter hopefully this time it will get more recognition and more appreciation

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nucky641450d ago

or sony santa monica?...I'd love to see what either of them could do with resistance.

ginsunuva1450d ago

The Order is already like a 3rd-person RFOM.

shivvy241449d ago

That was exactly what i thought when i saw the reveal trailer, it actually is a 3rd person R:fom

AngelicIceDiamond1450d ago

That would be great I wonder who would do it?

ajeezy091450d ago

Yeah it will be interesting to see what they come up with or they could just be holding it so nobody else gets it who knows
#HMU DJ Killzown Jones

S2Killinit1450d ago

it could be good if they do it right. The first one was the best IMO.

SamPao1450d ago

I liked the later ones better, especially the third

BlackTar1871450d ago

Loved the Co-op on #2 other then that i wasn't a resistance fan at all.