H1Z1: The Worst of Both Worlds

Hardcore Gamer: H1Z1 has become an epicenter for the convergence of gaming’s two most reviled business practices.

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DanielGearSolid1387d ago

The microtransactions arent a good idea imo. But you're assumptions on what it MIGHT lead to can't be used as a con, because its still unknown

trying to paint Early Access as some sort of con also makes no sense....

Nobody forced gamers to purchase Early Access, and as has been said millions of times, all Early Access games have a disclaimer

But i guess you just had to get that negative article out there at all costs

SnakeCQC1387d ago

They are charging for the early access but its going to be free to play, which literally only survive off micro transactions. Its only one or two youtubers and redditors getting pissed off about the microtransactions even though they were mentioned 9 months ago. Imho in this game its really not pay to win when all the drops are contested.

lemoncake1387d ago

They should just scrap the paid airdrops, its an early release game so finding this type of problem out is the whole point of doing this type of release. If they dont act on it then we can say they suck or whatever you want to call them.

Stiffler1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Charging people for early access AND microtractions in said early access game? Stupid idea imo.

Make the finished game a paid one, drop the stupid paid airdrops and replace it with a different system.

Gameplay wise I actually like H1Z1. As I mentioned above, the payment system they have is what is ruining the experience and making the game less immersive.

RobAlmighty1387d ago

I still do not understand what all the crying about Airdrops are for. Just do not pay for them.

I have not paid for an airdrop (only bought the 19.99 version) and I have tons of guns, ammo, food, and all without touching them.

The way I see it, is that the airdrops are there just to call in to have a good battle. Because you can get better loot from just killing zombies and getting the quests for free.

Did you even play the game yet or you do just love DayZ/any other survival game that much?

Sheed1387d ago

People play this garbage?

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