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Some of the best adventures in role-playing games aren't the ones the games script for you, but the ones you seek on your own. Last week in San Francisco, Kevin VanOrd joined a legion of writers eager to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Developer CD Projekt Red intended for us to play the opening hour of the game in addition to a quest that occurs later in the story. Granted, he played those bits, and I'll share what those were like as well. But the most enjoyable journey he took happened when no one was looking and he threw caution to the wind. What might be waiting out there in this huge, gorgeous world if I set out on my own?

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Palitera1364d ago

I can't unsee this...
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"and every combat encounter I had required my full attention"
Love it!

ScorpiusX1364d ago

Waiting for the game is going to be painful