No Plans To Remaster Witcher 1 And 2 For PS4: CD Projekt

Damien stated that they although it sounds cool and they talk about it sometimes, there are no plans for it.

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SaveFerris1388d ago

That is a shame. I don't know why they couldn't hand it off to another studio to do a remaster?

gameseveryday1388d ago

Although I understand that some PlayStation fans want to play those games, I don't see CD Projekt doing this. They have always lead from the front and I don't expect them to get into this remaster business.

blind-reaper1387d ago

If TW3 sell well on PS4 (I think it will) I don't doubt that they will end making a remaster, it is a no brainer since many PS4 players haven't played 1 and 2 (like me). Unless they hate money.

Femto1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

this game will be the last witcher, its the last game in the trilogy, after this there is a 99% that they will move on and work on cyberpunk 2077 so i dont see a remaster coming

ArchangelMike1387d ago

Played both Witcher 1 and 2 on PC, but will be getting 3 on PS4. My PC struggled to run Witcher 2, so it's got no chance for Witcher 3.

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Lucreto1387d ago

Time to campaign the Sony Third Party Productions to make it happen.

If they helped to convince Konami to release Suikoden II on PSN this should be easy.

F0XHOUND1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I'm playing this on ps4 day one... but I happily own the witcher 2 on my 360.... and PC! I've yet to play the witcher 1, but when I do I'll get it on PC.... I'm fine with that. Remasters are not the answer every timeyou might want to experience an old game!

Kribwalker1387d ago

You would be better off playing part 3 on your pc or Xbox one if you have one as Pc for sure and Xbox probably will transfer your character to the next generation. You can continue your story and your character progression in part 3 that way. I'm playing the GWG version on 360 right now to build my character up and make my choices so I can continue him on Xbox one.

Just incase you were wondering

lashes2ashes1387d ago

Save transfer is not happening. They already stated the game is done and they are just bug testing now and they never said anything more on the subject. Plus has been busted making up news before.

Fro_xoxo1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I'm okay with reading up on backstory and just moving on to the latest game.

My time is far too precious..

I remember demoing witcher one.. that gameplay is not something I'd like to return to.

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