More images for Resident Evil Revelations 2 Limited Edition

More images have been revealed for the Resident Evil Revelations 2 Limited Edition.

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leahcim1360d ago

Call when there is a complete phisical edition,


Resi is for complete experiences leave the episodic-thing to telltale.

billybehr1360d ago

"Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is initially being released episodically with the first of four episodes coming out on the 24th of February. The above-mentioned disc version comes with all the chapters in the main game in addition to more extras. The physical release will be made available on the 10th of March."

RosweeSon1360d ago

Telltale are great (walking dead obviously and back to the future which I'm currently playing) but having played Resi revelations 1 myself the episodic thing was handled brilliantly and just made me want to play more, not every game is about speed runs although I'm sure someone will finish it in the first day (when it's all available) and in under 4/5 hours, but not my thing I like to enjoy the experience not rush myself through to the end. Not only that if you read the Arcticle it clearly references the physical release that was mentioned when launch dates were first revealed there was always gonna be a disc version they've never hidden this fact it's just it won't be out until all the episodes have been an gone. It'll either be disc version on day 1 or digital copy on the cheap, Defo getting this game after the last one.