OXCGN: 8 Things When Playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt That Left Me Wanting More


Last week we FINALLY got our hands on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After checking it out at E3 multiple times by various writers of the site and myself having a hands off presentation late last year, when I received the email to finally have 3-4 hours of this game in front of me I was super excited. There’s so much content in this game and it’s currently finished, it just has 4 months of refinements to be made to be the best god damn game it can be.

obener3057d ago

This game looks so good. Cant wait for it!

RocknRolla3057d ago

4K on MAX Settings. This game is going to be ridiculous.

obener3057d ago

Yeah would be nice to own a 4k screen

ArchangelMike3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Unfortunately, my PC will simply implode at the thought of running The Witcher 3. I'll just have to immerse myself in the PS4 version instead :)

RocknRolla3057d ago

Ugh I need this like, right now! 4 months to go. Too long!

GrathiusXR3057d ago

I feel you man. Seeing it hands off last year was amazing but disappointing because it's been watched so many times. Finally a hands on with it for 4 hours was JUST what was needed to know, this game is still relevant and on its way!

RocknRolla3057d ago

Guess I'll live my life the next 4 months through all the previews pouring out today.

obener3057d ago

Yeah true, would rather a delay than unfinished product!