10 Reasons the Wii U Is Winning

CheatCC: If you were one of the many to clamber out into the cold last year or the year before to be the first to get your PS4 or XBOne, you have probably come up with a few reasons why you maybe should have waited. Like the lack of first-party exclusives, the wonky online gameplay across both platforms, the horribly crappy sales models that are being pushed to us as well as there just not being enough games that you actually want to drop your hard-earned cash to play. Well, you are not alone. I was one of those people as well and over the last year I have discovered that the only real system company out there that is giving gamers what they actually want is none other than Nintendo and their Wii U. So sit back, relax, and read why those of us who pained ourselves getting our next gen fixed got screwed.

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jayzablade1388d ago

Cue superchiller's anti-Nintendo rants in 5...4...3...2.....

SmielmaN1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I'm happy with the Wii U. It's actually really cool with the tablet-like controller. I got it for mario/Zelda/etc games and those have been great too, so far.

Edit: also, love this site. It's where I get all my info for in game collectibles.

crusf1388d ago

More like Superchiller+LOLWUT

shaw981388d ago

It is a winner to me because of the games.

scark921388d ago

What about the PS2 or PC?

tlougotg1388d ago

Winning what? I dont get what its winning? Maybe if they said 10 reasons why gamers who love Nintendo games are winning or gamers in general then id agree but Nintendo isnt winning %hit lol

His first reason alone was straight up garbage as i was playing some good games off the start like Resogun, warframe, DC Universe, etc for free and the ftp titles you didnt need plus to play them sooooooo wompppppp i stopped reading right there and knew this article was some %ag fanboy propaganda. Gaes like Mario and Nintendoland are the exact reason i dont want a Wiiu!!!!!

crusf1388d ago

Good God get a decent education son.

higgins781388d ago

"Gaes - erm, I think this means games - like Mario and NintendoLand are the exact reason I dont want a WiiU"? Its ok, I understand, because SM3DW was truly awful, wasnt it? And NintendoLand, sure, local multi-player, innovation and fun, again, a big no no. Nintendo really are failing gamers by focusing on polished titles such as these when instead the trend is to release not quite completed games as part of a 6 month instalment franchise...that's the big bucks.

Knushwood Butt1388d ago

It's funny how Nintendo fanboys' new broken record is the rant about games that are broken at launch.

Like a few high profile games in the last six months = the entire software library on PS4/Xbox One.

If you didn't have that to cling to, would you have anything to say at all?

IcicleTrepan1388d ago

sorry but even XB1 is beating Wii U in sales now and Wii U had a year head start.

higgins781388d ago

Sales, sales...who gives a f**k about sales!? Seriously, why would anybody who categorise themselves as a 'gamer' even cite sales as a pro? answer, they wouldn't. For example - and this is one I always use...Okami. The game itself sold in such minimal numbers. Does it stop it from being one of the best games of its gen and even one of the top 20 of all time...answer (again), NO. Bloody sales.

Sincere01211388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Wow how old are u? 5 years old or something?

Do you play sales or games on a GAMES console?
Do you have a special slot on your ps4 or xbone to insert sales and play it? if not then it shouldn't be your primary concern as a gamer unless your a casual gamer.

If you think that sales mean a console has won this imaginary war then your sadly mistaken.
If that's all your favourite console has to offer, then I feel bad for u son

What console has the highest rated and best quality games? I think you'll find its Wii U.

MsmackyM1388d ago

Yeah, and McDonalds over 99 billion served is a testament to it's quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.