Preview: The PS4 Exclusives of 2015 - The Order: 1886 (Push Square)

Push Square: "Your insatiable appetite for exclusives led to dismay at the tail end of last year. While the first half of 2014 promised plenty between inFAMOUS: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show, there's no denying that Sony's first-party software roster seemed to fizzle out around Christmas, with DriveClub and LittleBigPlanet 3 being the only SCE published PlayStation 4 projects worthy of mention – and pedants will be keen to remind us that the latter also released on the PlayStation 3."

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sigfredod1452d ago

Day one for me!!! will be a really long month :(

get2sammyb1452d ago

Hold in there - I'm sure it'll be worth the wait! :D

Forn1452d ago

I'm buying this day one. I know I'm going to get a kick out of it. Can't wait.

corroios1452d ago

Really cool, but the hate wagon already started from those that we all know who they are.

I got one word, wait until christmas to play something.

SaveFerris1452d ago

Gentlemen. This calls for a celebration.

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