New Resistance Trademark Filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

It appears as though Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has filed for a new trademark on the Resistance name. This could be anything from a sign that a new series is on the horizon to a simple protection of their own property.

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JMaine5181454d ago

Man I hope this is a new Resistance game or a reboot. I think the series was underrated and had a very good MP.

aCasualGamer1454d ago

The first one was superb. Great singleplayer with splitscreen feature. Addicting and classic multiplayer online mode.

The other two were horrific.

ICANPLAYGAMES21454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I'd agree with 2 (with its me too, clone game design), it was especially disappointing following the first game, it just moved in the wrong direction. I did however, really enjoy 1 and 3.

BiggCMan1454d ago

"The other two were horrific"

Dafuq...I think people often over use words of hate like this. Really think about words like horrific, awful, horrible etc. Do Resistance 2 and 3 fit the real definition of those words? Absolutely not.

2 is my favorite personally, because the co-op mode holds a special place in my heart. But I am biased with that so I can understand peoples complaints about it. The story was not as good, the 2 weapon system was bad, and it did kind of feel like a "me-too" game which was common back then.

But 3 fixed a lot of that with the best story in the series, brought back the weapon wheel, and just an all around better, darker feel to it. But the multiplayer in 3 was by far the worst in the series.

I do hope they make a new Resistance game one day, it's a great series for sure. And people know it's good, it's not really underrated in a literal sense since people love it. Just not a lot love it as the sales were actually terrible after the first game.

AntoineDcoolette1454d ago

Do hope its a new game. Hope its atmospheric like the third title and has multiplayer like the second.

nX1454d ago

Resistance isn't bad but I don't know whether I want any more first person shooters... if they'd make a 4 player coop game (against Aliens of course) with RPG elements it could be my cup of tea.

aCasualGamer1454d ago


Hey, that's my experience with Resistance 2 and 3.

I regard Resistance: Fall of man to have the best multiplayer online mode to date, alongside Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare. The singleplayer was amazing, with just the right amount of mystique to the alien invaders. Resistance 2 was abysmal in comparison, that amount of downgrade was a big letdown for me.

They couldn't just stick with the classic multiplayer mode, they had to "improve" it and make it "different and fresh". Goes to show that every single time this happens, usually the multiplayer mode suffers. Look at every other example in videogame history. When you have a working formula with amazing 32v32 and amazing level design, why the hell do you destroy that by adding elements and weapons that are awful.

They were horrific sequels, both 2 and 3. Again... horrific. Overused yet?

telekineticmantis1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

What are you talking about, it was a crime how underrated R3 was. The campaign had a good story, great pacing, some great fights, a baby Last of Us, with great weapons, and the multiplayer was awesome. The weapons(such as cryogun) made the battles less streamlined, not just aim and damage till kill, but using traps or other methods.

R3 is much better than one, I doubt you played it.

Mithan1454d ago

I agree. Resistance Fall of Man 1 was the reason I purchased a PS3 in the first place and it was an awesome game. I played through it about 3 or 4 times.

The other 2 were crap in comparison.

I would love to see them do a reboot and then actually pay attention to the story and follow it up in a cohesive way.

oODEADPOOLOo1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Resistance fall of man nailed the atmosphere in the story, the sequels looked and felt like cartoons of the original. Multiplayer was fun across all though so I cant really complain, my fav multiplayer skin was Black ops:

Custcenes of RFOM, intro was amazing in atmosphere esp with rachel parker character narrating:

Sevir1454d ago

Resistance 1-3 were all fantastic games... 2 being the weakest from a story stand point and design specifics. it adopted the 2 weapon appraoch which was away from its DNA. The game did bring Scale and some interesting set pieces. and its Co-op Multiplayer mode was fantastic and addictive...

Most agree the story wasn't bad but it wasnt as good as R:FOM and its multiplayer wasn't fun like R:FOM...

Resistance 1 and 3 stands as the strongest and definately fit the mold of the universe. I absoluetly loved R3 the most tonally, it was dark gritty, visceral and relentless just like R:FoM the weapon wheel came back as did health packs and more exploration into the lore was there. I'd have love to see them delve deeper into the Cloven and Angels that they hinted at so much in the first game.

I'm praying to dear God that a competent studio within WWS has picked up the mantle to either reboot it or take on the challenge of building out and amazing fourth numbered entry into the franchise for PS4. That universe is sooo amazing! I'd love to get back into the world of Resistance! Heck i'd throw my credit card at the computer screen if Sony announced that Insomniac is back at the Resistance IP! Tears of sweet joy at the possibilities!

nucky641454d ago

1 and 3 were both great fun.....#2 was a trainwreck....especially the last third of the game - insomniac embarrassed themselves with that section of the game.

Why o why1454d ago

Part 3 with the new guy was serious and definitely rekindled my interest in the series. That zombie esc level was well made

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Automatic791454d ago


Resistance was the reason for me to purchase a PS3. I love that series one of the best shooters of the last generations.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1454d ago

Resistance is my favorite fps ever. Hated to see it end the way it did. If this is a new game I'd be so thrilled.

LonDonE1454d ago

I loved all 3 resistance games on PS3 and i would love a remaster of all 3 in 1080p 60fps on PS4, i think resistance 3 nailed it, the art and graphics and missions etc were awesome but the game was way too short and ended abruptly, i would love another resistance game i just think maybe Sony should get another developer to do it!

Allot of people skipped the third game which is such a shame, even to this day the graphics look amazing and plays great.
Not allot of people even know that resistance 3 multi player was 60fps!
The lore was awesome too as were the monster designs, and my lord the weapons, the creative weapons were some of insomniacs best work.

Actually come to think of it i think Insomniac should do it, after all the third game was a big step in the right direction.

RevXM1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I kind of hated that all the games has their own visual approach and feel, but they are all amazing in their own rights.

If this series get a reboot I want them to have one set visual and narrative goal for the entire series.

Resistance 2 looked really good in places and not so much elsewhere, I liked the story a lot and it was fun. Big fan of the 60 player mp. Redwoods map was my fav.

R3 had lots of great tech and a pretty pleasing visual direction Kind of something in between the first two games Id say.
However I was a bit turned off by the sub HD and lack in fidelidy on characters and some occational objects would be have noticebly low polygon count and washed out textures. Insomniacs tech was great, but unfortunatively it seemed they sacrificed a bit too much but still really amazing game.

If Insomniac is not returning to do Resistance then I hope maybe Ready at dawn or Guerilla/Cambridge does it.
The order is out soon. It looks great, Rad has a proven record and I think they might be the best studio to reboot Resistance, but lets see how the order turns out first.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1454d ago

If I were heading the reboot I would combine all 3 resistance games into 1 12 hour retelling, then start doing sequels after that. I would change the ending of R2 so that Hale somehow survived too.

G20WLY1454d ago

I thought the campaign for Resistance 3 was really good - so atmospheric!

I played it ages after release, when I picked it up cheap, and was annoyed I'd missed out on such a great game!

Hellsvacancy1454d ago

I never liked any of them, the first game wasn't too bad I guess, the rest sucked

Opinions opinions

SamPao1454d ago

For me its exactely the other way around but none of them sucked

VsAssassin1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Personally, Resistance 1 was so damn perfect. The pacing and the settings were varied and interesting. I remember the England level: it was eerie and mysterious, almost like a survival horror experience.

R2 was the victim of the CoD hype. I really wished they didn't go that route. Insomniac tried to reverse the curse in R3, but it was kinda too late.

R1 set a great game and identity for itself. I hope that this is indeed a new game, even a reboot is welcome, just not a remaster bundle of sorts.

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