Resident Evil 3 writer would love to remake the game

Resident Evil 3′s scenario writer Yasuhisa Kawamura has expressed great interest in working on a remake for the game.

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GokuSolosAll1365d ago

Here's hoping it happens. It's definitely one of my favorite in the series.

WESKER20151365d ago

Is this a dream?, it keeps getting better and better, a possible RE2 remake, now this, dayum!

lipton1011365d ago

2. They need to redo Resident Evil 2. Seriously people - BUY THIS GAME! The more sales they have, the more motivation to remake the other classics. And younger gamers - use a strategy guide or walkthrough. This is not a post 2005 hand holding experience.

WESKER20151365d ago

Agreed, the lack of support for true survival horror games has scared off a lot of devs, but with the success of the RE1 HD Remaster it has put some hope into the survival horror genre.

BigBosss1365d ago

RE2 and 3 where my all time favourite in the series! Please make it happen Capcom

hkgamer1365d ago

maybe remake 2&3 together. makes a lot of sense since it roughly takes place around that time.

thinking about 2 just makes me want to play the game again. loved the idea of having two different characters and different scenarios.

lipton1011365d ago

But it needs to happen in the classic way. Fixed camera angles. No over the shoulder BS. If done correctly, fixed camera angles could be terrifying

madcowzz1365d ago

At this rate it wouldn't surprise me if Capcom announced they're rereleasing RE4 again, or having remastered editions of RE 5 & 6. Heck, release the entire Resident Evil canon

lipton1011365d ago

At what rate? They only redid the first and didn't officially announce or allude to any others. You're commenting more on the hype generated by our gaming peers, I imagine, vs what's actually slated for development or release officially. For the record, if they do remake 2 & 3 correctly, day 1 purchase. I'd even give 4 another go even though I wasnt a fan of the new direction of the series. As for 5 / 6... You can't polish a turd

Unlimax1365d ago

This is truly by far ( and in my opinion ) one of the best RE games i have ever played in this franchise , its totally deserve the hype that RE2 and RE4 has been getting , they should combine 2 and 3 together in one game and remake it as a part of the story

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The story is too old to be commented.