Saints Row: Gat out of hell Review [Kuma Kreations Ent]

Kuma wrote: You ever wondered what would happen if someone told you to, “Go to Hell” and a worm hole actually rips you into hell? Yes, me too and that opportunity is coming to the saints after their big victory against the aliens and surviving the virtual reality world of steelport. The Saints now have some downtime to celebrate Kinzie’s birthday until the Boss gets a visit from Satan and now is being forced to marry his daughter. In the first time ever will we get the opportunity on a new adventure where we get to play as the violent Johnny Gat as he takes on hell with Kinzie and hopefully find their boss before it is too late? Time to nut up and shoot Satan in the face!

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WizzroSupreme1387d ago

I sure hope Deep Silver gives the Saints a break. By this point, I'd be fine with the series toning itself down. Gotten a little too crazy for my tastes in 4.

Ultr1387d ago

And exactely as crazy as I like my games :)
Hope they continue, there is no other game like saints row out there

TedCruzsTaint1387d ago

The thing I don't get is with three, the series actually found its own identity.
Before that, it was little more than a blatant GTA emulator.
Quirky, had some memorable characters, but they really were just trying to be a somewhat more light-hearted GTA.

Now when I see Saints Row, I know it's Saints Row. And I feel it's a damn fine series.

Ultr1387d ago

yes indeed! and the humour is just amazing especially in SR4.
I can't remember a game I actually laughed like this!

SavageKuma1387d ago

I agree to me they took a step in their own direction with the sandbox gangster series and went all parody with it. I love and I am glad I have the whole series.