Just How Often Does Link Get The Girl: Part Two

ZI: In part two of this series counting just how often Link gets the girl at the end of each Zelda game, I'll pick up the editorial right where the first part left off with Wind Waker. This article will include every other Zelda game in order of release after Wind Waker. The exception will be Hyrule Warriors because it isn't canon (feel free to rage about that in the comments below).

I'll go ahead and address something I saw in the comments quite a bit in the other article. Many wondered why I didn't mention Ruto, Saria, and Malon in my Ocarina of Time coverage. The reason, like I announced at the start of my other article, is that I am only looking at what I perceive to be end results. In my opinion, I believe the only one Link would have ended up with at the end of Ocarina of Time is Zelda (in the adult timeline). Still, it's all moot. In my previous article, I concluded that he doesn't end up with anyone at the end of the game. Why? Because I believe he dies sometime after Majora's Mask without returning to Hyrule. He continues to wander through the Lost Woods without a fairy and thus becomes a stalfos.

Even though he refers to the Twilight Princess Link as his son, I don't believe it's a blood son. I think he is simply taking the reincarnated hero under his wing and thus becomes a father figure. That's just my two cents, which is why this is called an editorial, no?

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donwel1360d ago

Princess Zelda is the very definition of a cock tease

kayoss1360d ago

How many years has it been that link saved princess Zelda? How many times we've seen link wake up alone in the opening scene? Even Mario the plumber got to second base with princess peach. Link a well trained warrior, an expert archer, expert bomb maker, expert swordsman , traveled to countless places, timed traveled, killed Gannon, and a musician can't get no love from Zelda. Why even live? He should just take his own life because he have zero chance of reproducing.

Sgt_Throatpunch1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I stopped playing Zelda games once I realized the princess was a bitch. I mean, Link works so hard to save her, the least she could do is give him some quickie head. Ungrateful bitch.