How Windows 10 Will Affect Xbox and PC Gaming

Windows 10 will bring some powerful new options to Xbox users - IGN's Alaina Yee and Ryan McCaffrey chat about just what that means.

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Lennoxb631388d ago

Clearly you have no knowledge when it comes to presenting a professional image. What do you expect Ryan to say? "The PS4 is weak?" He's not trying to fuel the fanboy war any more than it already is. So complementing the other platform is a showing of professionalism. And saying that no Xbox supporters like him must mean that you know everybody that owns an Xbox. So I doubt that assumption seriously.

Fanboysarelosers1388d ago

Ryan seems like a total negative idiot.Very professional from the girl though.Very interesting stuff coming from Microsoft of late👍

Macdaddy711388d ago

Do you own a X1??? Dow you own a Ps4?? Own a Wii U?? Or any game system, if so you are a fellow Gamer!!! I hate when some one fanboy one or the other systems, I own all three I do have my favorite, but because I play most my games on X1 it's nice to talk to a fellow ps4 owner to share the difference in the two,
I think this gen is the best time ever for gamers, with so many X1 n ps4 sold, we are surely going to get tons of different games, we need gamers, newbie, mom n dads to by systems, it just makes our games that much better....

Xbrain1388d ago

Actually really excited for this. Would be nice to be able to play Xbox while someone else is watching T.V.

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