Could There be A Greater Zelda Villain Than Ganon?

ZI: In the biggest games of the series, Ganon, in some shape or form, has nearly always been the final enemy waiting for Link at the final hurdle of his adventure - and for good reason. The Prince of Darkness' immense power and cunning makes him a foe worthy of final boss status, providing inspiration for countless examples of ultimate enemies in other games. While there's not really a need to switch from such a iconic villain, especially considering his diverse iterations, the series is prone to introducing other intimidating antagonists, making it clear that the wielder of the Triforce of Power is not the only threat to peace in the world of Zelda. Considering this, perhaps there could be someone out there who could challenge Ganondorf for the throne of evil.

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Hoffmann1387d ago

Ganon is just a reincarnation or curse of Demise is the biggest antagonist in the Legend of Zelda so far.