Ubisoft kills third party Far Cry 4 copies

MWEB GameZone writes: "Ubisoft might have just killed third party copies of Far Cry 4 , as the digital version of the game bought via G2Play, eBay stores and G2A have been deleted from their Uplay accounts. Here are the details."

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HanCilliers1366d ago

*Facepalm* 2014 ended bad for Ubisoft with the whole ACUnity debacle, 2015 is not starting well..

Sillicur1366d ago

Indeed, not gonna buy a Ubisoft game again until they sort themselves out tbh!

LOL_WUT1366d ago

Incidents like this one is the reason why I stay away from going digital. Physical copy of games will always trump their digital counterparts ;)

porkChop1366d ago

The reason Ubisoft is removing these copies from peoples accounts, from what I've heard, is because these were stolen keys. That's the problem with these 3rd party key resellers, they regularly sell stolen keys. Removing/blocking these games/keys is actually a standard practice, Ubisoft is far from the only publisher to do this.

I certainly do not like Ubisoft, nor do I enjoy taking their side, but in this case Ubisoft is right.

Sillicur1366d ago

Where did you hear the keys were stolen? G2Play has been around for a very long time and they use keys straight from the boxed versions as stated in the article.

Its from a bunch of different sites not just one scaly one

N4GDgAPc1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I'm not going to be stupid and buy from a 3rd party company selling US made games from Hong Kong. The game is almost $20 cheaper. So why is all there games a lot cheaper from anything else? Also China is well known selling illegal copies.

Also your paying through G2Play for steam codes to download Far Cry 4 to play on steam? That doesn't sound right to me. I'm looking through the website and even on early access games. There is no way to get an actual illegal copy without buying an early access game from steam on some of those games. That means there losing money for every purchase for early access games.

And having there system recognize the code they used as illegal copy says a lot about purchasing from them. There generating codes for Steam some how that's not in Ubisofts system.

HanCilliers1366d ago

Fair enough, but why doesn't Ubi confirm it's stolen keys? Also, as the article shows, why is there no official response to the many queries regarding this on their own forum?

N4GDgAPc1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Well it could just be part of there program that automatically deletes accounts not recognized. Maybe they are legit and they just forgot to add G2Play to there system but I still wouldn't buy from them. Also I would think you couldn't really tell this purchase was from G2Play specifically. How would they know that account was created when the code they give you is to play on steam?

So I would think there would no way to warn others that there deleting accounts from G2Play.

Also there system recognized it as a hacked copy. Why would you warn that certain person we just want you to know we are deleting your account for Far Cry 4. Sorry for your inconvenience for hacking are copy of are game^^ I wouldn't.

XboxOneX1366d ago

I am guessing its because G2Play is buying the game keys from Chinese wholesales who is buying them with stolen cards and then when the cards get charged back Ubisoft are out of pocket. I had this happen to me with iTunes vouchers I used to buy from TradeTang years ago. Its a Chinese website thats like ebay and sells a lot of fake stuff but also digital items like PSN cards and iTunes vouchers cheap. When I called iTunes to find out why my iTunes account was banned and lost access to all my music in the cloud they explained it was because I had bought iTunes vouchers that had been purchases with stolen cards that got charged back to them. They refused to refund me and said I should goto the seller on the site and get a refund.

Snakester951366d ago

@Sillicur G2Play and G2A are different key resellers. The article is false in pointing out that Ubisoft is deactivating G2Play keys as nothing states that at this time. However, it would be likely as Ubisoft has stated they're deactivating keys from G2A; an "unofficial reseller". Therefore, that states that G2A is getting their keys from who the heck knows where and they haven't clarified on how or where they're getting them from.

Key resellers are shady as they often acquire their keys in a variety of ways. This can be buying them cheap in another region, through chargebacks, stealing them under false aliases, etc.

Palitera1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

HanCilliers, if they publicly confirm the keys are stolen, some sites might ask them to prove it in court or face charges of false accusation and reputation/profit damages etc.
They might KNOW they were stolen. Proving it, though, is another story...

I'm not saying it is the case, anyway. The stolen card theory is more likely to be true, as common as it is.

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N4GDgAPc1366d ago

And I have no sympathy. Why would you buy a digital download that is from Hong Kong? It's probably cheaper for a reason.

Sillicur1366d ago

It is cheaper yes, but the reason is due to exchange rates of different countries, not because of some illegal activities from said sites as far as I can tell at the moment.

I have sympathy for people who bought the game and got it removed (without warning i might add)

cyril sneer1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Yeah i know right you would have thought after the same thing happened with sniper elite 3 people would be smarter where they buy their games from.

schopieray1364d ago

First of all, not all of the games are from Hong Kong mother fucker, so calm down. G2A is well known for selling legitimate games, so just because these resellers are selling them, and if you have g2a shield, you're fine.

hiredhelp1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I have some strong feeling about this and a underline theroy behind this.
First Myself like many others have used these sites myself Fast2play its great way to save bit money specially if your uncertain its for you.
Ok biggest Fact here the keys are Legit the keys are sold to them if they wernt legit that mean they stolen Ubi never claimed this..
So after some deep thought i came to a conclusion thoe could be wrong maybe the company is in a financial loss maybe The crewdidnt take off that well maybe FC4 didnt sell as well they pridicted.
So maybe they thought why not cancel any keys we beleave bought by these sites forcing users to rebuy our games.
Its kinda odd they wait till now to do this not at the time of release of FC4.

VVgamer4lifeVV1365d ago

ever since G.R.A.W. 2, it's been a steady decline for ubisoft.

Gamer19821365d ago

They did broken games, removed the game from the Xbox store for a day meaning xbox owners couldn't play digital copies of the game and now they are stopping PC owners playing the game.. PS4 owners better watch out your the only ones left! At least when EA were bad it was for reasons we were expecting and were used to Ubisoft are becoming a joke lately..

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Femto1366d ago

i bought the game from g2a, the game is still in my account however, if it does get removed any time soon, im never buying or playing a ubisoft game ever again.

Sillicur1366d ago

Good to hear that not everyone who bought it has had their game removed. Although the exact numbers are unknown at the time of writing, It does seem to be a widepsread occurance looking at the Reddit / Ubisoft threads linked in the article

Femto1366d ago

UPDATE: i looked into this, if you buy the game directly from g2a you should be fine, however, g2a has 3rd party sellers some of which bought the keys will fake credit cards and sold them to people, so if you buy it from the main g2a seller, you should be fine.

UPDATE 2: looks like g2a removed most of their 3rd party sellers leaving only the top rated ones, which is good!

N4GDgAPc1366d ago

Well hearing that now I can't trust G2Play at all if a 3rd party company has other 3rd party companies on top of them selling games. I'm sorry but there is bound to be illegal copies some were^^

lilmetal1366d ago

Same here. I got the $90 Gold Edition at G2A for only $40.
It's still in my account, and I can currently still play it.

x_RadicalAura_x1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Yet another downfall of digital.

Thanks, but I'll stick to my physical copy where I actually have control over what I buy/want to buy.

I'd love to see Ubisoft try to go out to all the GameStop's of the world and pull all copies of Far Cry 4 used off the shelves... HA!

Femto1366d ago

it turns out, the people who were selling the keys were not legit sellers, they stole the keys with fake credit cards and sold them to the public. this is completely different than official retailers

hiredhelp1366d ago

I read on the fourum Ubi never stated the keys were stolen.

Brisco1366d ago

Lol physical copies are old dude. Been playing digital on PC for years so no idea what your on about.

Clown_Syndr0me1366d ago

And if you ever find yourself completely skint you have no game collection to sell.
A couple of years back I needed alot of money quickly and was totally skint, sold half my game collection which I no longer touched and had most the money just like that.

x_RadicalAura_x1365d ago

So? I have more ownership/control over my games than you do.

HoldenZA1366d ago

That is rather disturbing that they are dropping it. I personally buy a few titles through third parties. I hope this doesn't become the norm for Ubisoft titles.

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