Should Fatal Frame Come To PS4 & Xbox One?

The West is ready for more Fatal Frame, but will it get it?

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JohnathanACE1363d ago

It should come to the west first.

Concertoine1363d ago

Whatever gets it to the damn west. Screw nintendo for not bringing this game over...

JohnathanACE1363d ago

Is it Nintendo's decision to bring it over or Tecmo Koei? I guess they might think it won't sell well but the other Fatal Frame games did fine in the west. Also it has skimpy outfits so SJW might cause controversy. Those are the only reasons I can think of for it not being brought over.

Concertoine1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I'm positive its nintendo's decision. They published the last 3 games. I at least respected their decision with FF4 because it was buggy and Grasshopper demanded more money to fix it, as well as their decision with FF2 since it was way past the wii's lifespan and wouldn't sell well but there is zero reason to not bring over FF5.

Even if they barely make their money back, it'll be worth it because nintendo needs to show their fans that they appreciate them. Hell, if they don't want it let xseed publish it.

All of the games performed well outside of japan, except for 3. It did like 8k lifetime or someting awful like that and many blame it as the reason Nintendo wont bring the others over. The real kicker is that this series has the potential to be top tier in the genre. Dreadout, a fan game which is basically a rip off of the FF formula, was a huge indie hit because of the youtube exposure it got.

Metallox1363d ago

It should arrive as a downloadable title and without dubbing (subtitles), just to satisfy Fatal Frame fans, so Nintendo can't complain about losses that much. I have never tried a game of the series before and V looks very cool.

Metallox1363d ago

I'm seeing that the author of this piece isn't very well informed.

And let's put it simple. While Koei Tecmo owns the IP as a whole, Nintendo also got the rights of any Fatal Frame game after the 4th entry not long ago.

So, in the end, the fate of the series in the West lies on Nintendo's hands.

Unlimax1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I miss the "Fatal Frame" days ~
i want these days to come back alongside with the whole Fatal Frame community ..
but it seems isn't possible considiring Nintendo still co-own the IP D:

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The story is too old to be commented.