Final Fantasy XV Gets New Fantastic 1080p Screenshots: Show Combat, Beautiful Graphics and Behemoth

Square Enix just released a new batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XV, which will be released for PS4 and Xbox One at a date yet to be determined.

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Moldiver1415d ago

This and FF type0-HD will be my first FF games. Figured I mas aswell try em out since this is one of the few gaming series I have never played.

Snookies121415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Hope you enjoy them! As someone who's been with the series since the original on NES, I'm not sure what to expect. However, I'm highly hopeful for both of these entries even if they don't look like traditional past entries.

Definitely pre-ordering Type-0 though both for being excited for the game itself and the FFXV demo.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1415d ago

They should make a modern 2d final fantasy game.

NukaCola1415d ago

I would really love to see a 16bit error FF game but down with high resolution and next gen color and particle effects. I really liked how the PSP versions of FF1&2 were still old school but had overlaying effects that really made it shine.

Would love to see that! But a completely fresh story.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1415d ago

My first Final Fantasy was 13 -_-

Here's hoping these 2 are better.

Snookies121415d ago

Ouch, sorry about that. Not to say FFXIII was bad, but it wasn't the type of quality FF titles are known to bring. (Aside from graphically, it was superb in the graphics department.)

I agree with your reply to my comment above though, I'd love to see them do a new 2D Final Fantasy, that would be amazing!

mechlord1415d ago

Wow man, tough luck. Probably any other FF is better than XIII. At least you should go back and try XII on PC (good emulators these days)

BiggCMan1414d ago

My first was also 13 and I loved it. Was excited to try 7 when it came digitally to PS3 a long time ago and I didn't like it. I also got 10 remastered last year and didn't like that either.

So tired of the hate 13 gets. People just hate change and 13 changed so much that it wasn't Final Fantasy to a lot of people. Whether it was or wasn't is irrelevent, the game is just a great game on its own. If it wasn't called Final Fantasty, people would never think it was so bad, fact.

Amazing story with amazing combat, it's one of my most favorite games from last gen and I don't really care what everyone else thinks.

Edito1414d ago

Good to you :) you will be able to play with no expectation about previous FF Games like the most of us... i still dream with a Turn Based Final Fantasy Game like FFX one of the best games i ever played...

Magicite1414d ago

like first ever? when have u been born, yesterday?

Moldiver1414d ago


"like first ever? when have u been born, yesterday?"

Such a dumb thing to say. lol. Just because I was never into turn based RPGs, that does not mean I was born yesterday. My first console was a nintendo 1987. Next....

Its always the guys with the final fantasy/DBZ/anime avatars that say the dumbest shit, i swear.... lol

and its "when were you born" not "when have you been born". Did you get your grammar skills from badly translated JRPGS, or something?

SpaceFox1414d ago

I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on Final Fantasy X HD. It's a fantastic game and one of the best Final Fantasies hands down. The sequel X-2 is also pretty damn good. Definitely worth any gamer's time. :)

voodoopickle1414d ago

funny, I thought that FFX was the first bad one they made. the old open world system of I-IX and leveling system was so much better.

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GamesGamesGames1415d ago

I know I'm alone with this but they should have stayed with the ATB system. To me that's FF. Still looking forward to 15 though

silkrevolver1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I think Bravely Default/Second/However many they are going to make... I think that series has sort of taken the turn-based torch from FF. I love the first 10 FF games and their turn based systems (I even liked the CTB system the most - despite its return to inactive battles,) but I know the series has to evolve. I think FFXIII's system was actually awesome, and FFXV's looks really cool too, but to me, the biggest downside to ditching the ATB system is the fact that they keep making new, one-off ones for each FF.

The games came out so much more quickly when they were running on the same systems for each game (for each console through the PS1, each set of FF games played, mechanically, in a very similar fashion).

I hope, if it's good, they keep this new battle system in place so FFXVI comes out sooner rather than later (which is preferred over a FFXV series, I think.)

NoctisPendragon1415d ago

1.FF XV Batle system ++ (i can dream)
2.Agnis is main Hero
3.You can ride dragons.
4.Extremly mature.
5.Made by Ito.

Eiyuuou1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


Is it possible that you meant FFXVI? ;)

mechlord1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

well, the most flexible system i played and loved was FFXII's gambit. that game is a hit/miss but i loved how i didnt force me to button mash / micromanage every fight and still control the battle.
I would like to see them back in some capacity and better implemented that those tactics settings in DA

tekksin1415d ago

does it bother anybody else that we haven't seen any summons yet? Like at all? I'm actually incredibly excited to see what they did with Ifrit and Shiva. Would be crazy if they gender bended them like they (potentially) did Cid.

Snookies121415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

They said they're still working on the summon system. That's why we haven't seen anything yet. They also said, they're now focusing on it because they're going to have at least one summon usable in the demo that comes with Type-0. It's the reason we're not going to have magic in that demo, because they wanted to show off summons before fully implementing the magic system later on in development.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1415d ago

This the first Next gen title I've actually been hyped for. Every other game that came out thus far I rlly wasn't hyped at all for.

Variant1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

One of my favourite things to see is a clash between a natural environment and technology--especially if the technology itself seems primitive. These photos have added to my decision to buy this game...I would eventually get it though. :P

"[...] primitive according to the game's world."

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