Was it worth releasing Resident Evil AGAIN?

Ready Up Live: "The groundbreaking chapter in horror game history known as Resident Evil has had multiple releases since its original release back in 1996 (Fun fact: Not only was RE released in the year of my birth, but it’s actually set on the evening of my 2nd birthday), including a Director’s cut, a re-release on the Sega Saturn, a DS port, a full-blown remake for the GameCube that eventually made its way to the Wii – and now its hit modern platforms with a HD remaster of the REmake… is it one release too far?"

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Cha0tik1452d ago

No need to even read this... Obvious answer.

Hoffmann1452d ago


That was a question like asking "Do you like sunny weather"

roguedragon11452d ago

As soon as I saw the headline I thought..
Well yeah!