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Resident Evil is somewhat of a masterpiece. No, it hasn’t aged perfectly, has some big flaws and can be pretty damn frustrating. But it’s the Survival Horror game that started it all and couldn’t come out a better time where gamers need a REAL survival horror game.

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loganbdh1366d ago

Yet another review that's questionable at best,

"The inventory system hasn’t aged too well and feels like an extremely tedious mechanic" -laziness from a new-gen gamer???

"I’ve always dreamed of a remake of the original Resident Evil, but my dream comprises of a mixture of the new 3rd person, over the shoulder gameplay we have been accustomed to since RE4" -obviously started after the survivor horror age at resident evil 4

"Saving in Resident Evil is achieved by collecting “Ink Ribbons”, in which you use at typewriters that are scattered through the Mansion and other area’s of the game. Unfortunately, Capcom hasn’t updated Resident Evil with any type of checkpoint system, so when you die, that’s it, back to your last save file. This is ridiculous by today’s standards."-Reviewer obviously doesn't't know what immulsion or atmosphere means...

"I really wish Capcom would have spent more time adding to the masterpiece, opposed from just porting it over and adding new costumes."-I don't think I've seen a remaster of an old game ever come with some new dlc or game mode ,except remasters from new games.

Other notes, says aiming is difficult... it's not really it has a autoaim to it, u just have to learn how to use it.

Tl;dr the article is not bad but the review is ...

lipton1011365d ago

I like the game just the way it is. I'm playing on easy mode right now with Chris, because with his disadvantages it basically balances out to normal. Have to get my bearings back and path set again for a hard Jill run. I used to speed run it back in the day.

loganbdh1365d ago

Did one on twitch last year but I did it in 3 hrs :(

lildudexst1365d ago

I give it a 9/10 nice classic.

lonelyplayer1365d ago

Dear reviewer, the saving system is like gambling and that's part of the magic of the game. Checkpoints every door would ruin the game.

lipton1011365d ago

Checkpoints wouldn't even work. You need to be smart with your saves. If you save with no ammo or health sprays / herbs, it's practucally game over depending on skill and difficulty. Use every save slot and save sequentially so you always have a point to fall back to in case you mess up

henry17425441365d ago

That's the point of the game.. It can't be in 3rd person because it would change huge whole game period. Other resident evil 5 and 6 and even 4 were not even near scary as this one. Make it harder and challenging is part of the horror

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