Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Xbox 360) Pre-order Deal: $40.99


"Pre-order Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Xbox 360 for $40.99 (Reg. $59.99) at Amazon!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Xbox 360 has a tentative release date of Q4 2015.

Amazon does not charge until the video game ships, but you can secure this pre-order price now!"

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TedCruzsTaint1366d ago

This article actually only concerns one console; neither of those being it.

Your input is unwarranted.

xabmol1366d ago

lol what?

So, someone thinks/knows this wont sell well on the 360 or what??

ps4gamer19831366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Not that it won't sell well; but likely sell the least. MGS HD collection had dismal sales on 360. Probably too cerebral for them (unlike COD and Halo which are still yop played games on 360 for years).

TedCruzsTaint1366d ago

Did you really just generalize the Xbox fanbase as being more simple-minded than other gamers?

Well, ps4gamer1983, I'm sure there's no bias on display here.

xabmol1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Another question I have is:

Why do people disagree with a question here? I figured since it is the same game on 360 as the PS3 it should be sold at the same price, right? Heck, it might even be multiple disks on the 360.

So, aside from fanboy answers, anyone have an actual idea of what the fuck??

Also, this is just on Amazon, right?

Snookies121366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Man, I thought this was for current gen when I first clicked it lol. (Curse my lack of paying attention to everything in title) oh well...