Remedy on Quantum Break, Xbox One's Most Ambitious Exclusive and Revisiting Max Payne & Alan Wake

Known to some as the pained expression of the original Max Payne, Remedy's Creative Director Sam Lake is also a man in charge of one of 2015's most ambitious Xbox One action titles, the time-twisting Quantum Break. Taking transmedia to another level, the project takes the form of both a third-person shooter and TV show.

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lifeisgamesok3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I'm so excited for this game. We've already seen powers used for combat and puzzling and Sam Lake has said before that the powers get even deeper

The graphics are top notch as well

It's also good to know they're still on track for a 2015 release date

nicksetzer13458d ago

This game is going to be amazing, and those graphics blow my mind.

AngelicIceDiamond3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Notice this game has great physics as well as great graphics.

I really hope they can hold the framerate with all those intense physics.

Deadlead3458d ago

I want to be excited for this game really bad, but something about the game seems extremely dull. Maybe it the lead character, another grizzled cop with a raspy voice and enigmatic persona. Good god I hope he doesn't get amnesia. Then again maybe it's just been the limited amount of footage that's been released. I'm still optimistic because I did enjoy Alan wake so much plus the premise is pretty tight, I love sci-fi and time manipulation. Sliders anyone?

Jughead34163458d ago

Just got my XBOX for Christmas. So glad I can look forward to this now. This will be a truly great game. XBOX needs more exclusives like this to compete with Sony.

slasaru013457d ago

It should be dull, gloomy and depressing! This is the correct atmosphere.
Alan Wake was a nice game but sort of childish, sort of Witch Mountain and the like.

98xpresent3458d ago

Ms should really buy remedy. They could be MS's ND

christocolus3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

they have a great relationship with MS and currently only develop for xbox platforms and that wont change anytime soon.pretty talented bunch.a new Alan wake would be cool though.

SockeyBoy3458d ago

I see them as Microsoft's Quantic Dream :)

badz1493458d ago

QD is still independent though

OpieWinston3458d ago

The only truth behind that is David Cage and Sam Lake have respect for one another.

But Remedy as a studio are KNOWN for their cinematic action gameplay. They're the guys who invented Bullet time after all.

They take the strengths of both Naughty Dog and Quantic Dreams in that regard and if were picked up by MS they could be a BIG team.

SockeyBoy3458d ago

...and Remedy are still independent.

Outthink_The_Room3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I don't know man. Remedy has always had issues hitting deadlines. Being a 1st Party Studio puts more pressure on hitting dates because 1st Party is going to get the most marketing treatment. Entire lineups for the year are built around that kind of stuff.

I wouldn't want quality to take a hit because of a deadline. It happened with 343 and Evolution just a couple months ago.

Being a "2nd party" studio gives them a little more freedom and at least a say in the matter. If Remedy was having financial problems, then it's smarter to become first party. But I think they have a better situation for themselves than becoming 1st Party.

Dmagic3458d ago

Remedy Ms Nd???? Whoa whoa chill kid remedy's arms ain't long enough to box with the gods.

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Barnaby-Jones3458d ago

I really can't wait for this game; my most anticpated game of 2015 so far! Can't wait to see how deep the time-power system goes, hopefully a upgrade system.

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nigelp5203458d ago

Microsoft should buy them before its too late

Moldiver3458d ago

Yup. They already made the mistake of missing out on buying bioware (they have a history of OG xbox exclusives, like KOTOR and jade empire, ANd they did approach MS to buy them before EA. Remedy are like an unofficial MS 1st party. MS/remedy have a pretty strong relationship.

Looking forward to this, as I loved the max payne and alan wake games. I still hope we get a proper conclusion to alan wake, this gen, at some point. Maybe even bundle in a HD remake of the first game plus its DLC.

KarmaV123458d ago

Do you know when they turned down Bioware? I'm assuming it was before Phil became head of Xbox. Wonder if he would have done something different.

Moldiver3457d ago


yes, it was before phil was running the show. Before they even went public about being up for sale. Mass effect should have been enough to show them that Bioware belong in MS ranks. Even now as they are owned by EA, I cant help but think they would have been better off at MS. Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Augustine Yip, would never have left.

I think they realised going with EA was a mistake.