H1Z1 vs. DayZ - Which Zombie Survival Game Is Right For You?

"What are the differences between H1Z1 and DayZ? Here's a quick breakdown on these two early access zombie survival games."

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thorstein1365d ago

I would like to know more about building shelters.

And, I really don't like Pay2Win. Just let me buy a game and enjoy it. If the game has insane longevity, then change it over ala Team Fortress 2 (which is a game I originally bought).

DLConspiracy1365d ago

How do you win in H1Z1?

Its not as pay 2 win as you think. You can buy event tickets which I find all over the map free. You can pay for air drops but try getting the air drop when 20 people are trying to kill you. Crates can be bought for cosmetics but... Meh. I usually shred all my clothes to make bags anyway.

SonyWarrior1364d ago

Dayz stand alone sucks trust me its complete rubbish. the best one I've played is Breaking Point which is a mod for arma 3

DLConspiracy1364d ago


I don't think it's "rubbish". I think it needs some work, but the game has spawned a whole lot of other Survival MMO games. I have played 700 + hours of it.

Multiplatguy1364d ago

You win by surviving; finding clothes, weapons and ammo to prolong your life. Being able to pay to have those things dropped which developers were quoted saying "Would really suck" if they did that. It defeats the point of even playing really.

Making it hard to get the thing you spent your own real life money on because of other players doesn't make it less of a Pay to Win feature; it makes it a badly done, Pay to Win feature.

The game is in early access and I am sure this will all change but the complaints are necessary so they know to change it. Right now; it's a mess.

DLConspiracy1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )


Do you own the game?

I hear a lot of people say its this and that yet they don't actually own a 20$ copy. I own the game. I even bougbt the $40 version which includes 3 air drops and 6 crates and 4 keys. I opened the crates with the 4 keys and I have yet to use 1 air drop. I have found Assault riffles, riffles and handguns around the map. I have also found ammo on zombies or in random parts of the map.

I am not defending them for some odd reason about what they said. All I am saying is there are guns around the map that I can find. There is ammo on zombies and around the environment. Its not like you cannot get weapons any other way than air drops. In fact I have found guns about the same amount as DayZ if the loot spawns are working properly.

I have about 100 hours logged and generally hate pay 2 win games. People online tend to blow everything out of proportion to have something to talk about. I wouldn't defend the game if I felt it prevented me from enjoying it. Especially 100hours worth.

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elsuperamigo1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

One is an amazing game and the other one is....another amazing game is a win win situation for gamers who love zombie survivals imo

RG_Dubz1365d ago

H1Z1 is like Day Z but with Zombies.. ;)

Perjoss1365d ago

They are both pretty terrible unfinished games.

OculusRift1365d ago

Man, it's almost like they're not early access or anything.

Perjoss1364d ago

Kind of feel sorry for those that think that either of these games will magically transform into a polished, finished game between now and 'launch' day.

St01364d ago

H1Z1 maybe, but I can't see Dayz becoming a perfect polished game since it runs on the ARMA engine.

rawrock1365d ago

These two games are the only reason I am gonna get a PS4 to sit next to my XOne...

thrust1365d ago

I have them on my PC I like dayz more tho

iNFAMOUZ11364d ago

Day z is going to xone 2, probably first since sony has h1z1

HighlyDoubtful1364d ago

Pretty sure I read Day Z is going to PS4 first, with NO details about whether it will release on xbone second or at all. You're just making that up, right?

uglymash1365d ago

h1z1 is just dayz epoc mod, BEST OF ALL WORLDS dayz mod for arma 2, the original and best.

Get arma 2, like on steam sales every other week. should be able to get around 5£, 5$ and get dayz mod it for and then epoch mod for dayz. easiest way, get arma 2, download dayz commander and let it do it all auto.

day z epoc ULTIMATE & best

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