TouchArcade PAX South Preview: 'Divide by Sheep' and 'Fearless Fantasy' Demoed by tinyBuild Games

TouchArcade: PC publisher tinyBuild is quickly making an expansion into mobile publishing, having already released reverse-platformer Spoiler Alert [$0.99] late last year. They have three titles in the works, a mix of ports and original titles coming up. Divide by Sheep was the most interesting game there. It's a puzzle game where you have to move flocks of sheep between platforms, trying to get them to rafts. The platforms have spots for different amounts of sheep, and flocks can combine if there's room for more sheep, or lose sheep if jumping to a platform with fewer sheep. Each raft awards a star for getting the correct number of sheep on it, so there's some thought required to get every sheep in its proper place. Oh, and some traps will involve splitting sheep in half, which then get duct taped back together once on the raft. There's a variety of objectives that pop up over time, and while there's a kid-friendly focus as it deals with math, this one seemed interesting enough for all puzzle fans.

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