Amazon's Sunday deals feature Halo Master Chief Collection, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Valkyrai Chronicles

Amazon's Sunday deals feature Halo: The Master Chief Collection at $42.39, Kingdom Hearts 3 preorder at $40.99, PC version of Valkyria Chronicles at $9.99 and more.

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Eonjay1366d ago

Can't turn down that $41 Kingdom Hearts.

imtheman20131366d ago

Especially since Amazon doesn't charge anything until 2 days before the game releases, and I doubt it'll be this price again until well after its release.

LAWSON721366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I preordered both Xbone and PS4 copy lol. I can't believe Amazon price matched that

ZeekQuattro1366d ago

VC is a very underrated game. It was one of the 1st PS3 games I bought and is also one of all time favorite games on the console. Well worth that price. The DLC is even thrown in for good measure.

LAWSON721366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I had no idea the game had DLC, may have to pick that up on PS3 sometime. I will probably pick the PC version up at some point this year.

ZeekQuattro1366d ago

There wasn't much but it does have it. I got the idea had the game performed better there would of probably been more in store. Its a shame really.

wolfiegirl9101366d ago

Good deal. Doubt there will be a better deal elsewhere. Amazon rocks