Xbox 360 HD DVD Player hits UK shelves today

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player hits shelves today.

Microsoft's greatly anticipated Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is now in stores. The exciting new add-on offers great value for customers, retailing at £129.99 (estimated retail price). Plus, for a limited time the HD DVD Player will come packaged with the Universal Pictures blockbuster film Peter Jackson's "King Kong" on HD DVD and the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote. Users can just add an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to their Xbox 360 console to create the ultimate home-theatre experience.

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emandm4341d ago

I went to warrington and Game, Woolworths or anywhere i tried could'nt tell me when they would be in the shop's. If you see any let me know!

Capt CHAOS4341d ago

What's the shop called.. erm.. Starbucks I think..


MicroGamer4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

would have it. I don't know the name of the big game chain there off the top of my head, but I remember one in Bluewater that was similar to our Gamestop here in America. Some High Street game shops may have it, as well. Sutton has a very nice game shop just a short way up the road from the ASDA there. Would Virgin have it, maybe??

Edit: Dixons does stock it.
Here it is for 129.99 +9.99 shipping

dfb19774341d ago has it as sold out Amazon don't have it and neither do Game. Either its sold very quickly or they don't have stock

willymcd4340d ago

its still hard to find them here in the u.s.

richie007bond4340d ago

Am getting one IF i can find one,most if all the online stores and the high street are all sold out,man these drives must be flying off the shelves,but ill track one down if its the last thing i do lol...

bung tickler4340d ago

i got one a while back, its great. you get king king a media remote and the quality is top notch. also its nice and quiet when watching movies. you cant beat it for $200 considering the remote is $30 by itself and Kong is $40.

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