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PS Vita Reviews recently went back to take a look at the Ys PSP games. Having already been through Chronicles, they have just finished up Oath in Felghana. With that, here are their final thoughts on the game, from the perspective of the PS Vita and PlayStation TV:

"Ys III came back to the gaming world as Oath in Felghana on the PC as well as the PSP in style. On the downside, the game has some awkward control combinations and the presentation was degraded on the transition to the Vita. However, this is the version with the most content and offers a lot of fun and fast battles. Any Action RPG or Ys fan should definitely give it a try. "

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GokuSolosAll2429d ago

I played one on SNES and one on Vita. Pretty good. Not great but good. I'd take a crack at another on Vita.

plmkoh2429d ago

This one is pretty hard, the last boss will burn your thumbs off.

pivotplease2429d ago

Will probably play. Celceta was a really generic experience, but at least I can say it was pretty well polished.

Revengeance2428d ago

This game is absolutely amazing. Hard but amazing. Anyone interested in JRPGs play this game but be ready for a challenge.