First footage of Homeworld Remastered Collection, releasing on PC February 25th

It's just a little over a month away before a space-based real-time strategy shackles us to our desktops as Gearbox Software announces the Homeworld Remastered Collection is launching February 25th.

If you weren't salivating enough for Homeworld's return, then today also sees the very first footage from the HD overhaul from PAX South. It has all the latest visual tech and even re-recorded voice work.

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Psychotica2925d ago

That's cool. I hope it runs on Windows 8 now, I own Homeworld 2 but it won't run on Windows 8.

thorstein2924d ago

No kidding. I loved these games. Phenomenal.

maniacmayhem2924d ago

Another game I loved way back when. Now these are games that should get the re-mastered treatment.

dantesparda2923d ago Show