Hot Female Characters Coming in 2015’s Games

So many games going to release in 2015 and most of them have a beautiful and hot female character. Some of them have main female character, like Rise of the Tomb Raider. Here are the most anticipated game hotties that are making their way to your console.

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faisalsheikh143236d ago

Quiet is quite sexy and definitely witcher 3 will have some sex scenes

XboxOneX3236d ago

It would be amazing if they brought a brand Leisure Suit Larry in 3D with project amorphous and oculus rift support. :)

Bansai3236d ago

blah blah blah, something about equality and degrading of women blah blah blah !!!!!!!


SilentNegotiator3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Considering the last few Leisure Suit Larry games, I think it would be best if we let him RIP.

Except maybe some more remakes.

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CocoWolfie3236d ago

will there be a hot male characters?? B)

faisalsheikh143236d ago

you gay? if yes then there will be

Skate-AK3236d ago

Lol. Ever think that could be a girl asking?

Syleros3236d ago

girls on the internet? don't be silly... and even if someone claimed to be a girl, they probably are not haha.

Conzul3235d ago


That, if any, is the form of sexism in gaming.

higgins783236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

'Hot' if you are a prepubescent pre-teen perhaps. Notice how none of them look (though its hard to tell, stylized as they are) over 25, and each an unrealistic interpretation of WOMAN. I would what their real world figure sizes would measure?

Hellsvacancy3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake, yeah I know that song

If you don't like it, don't click, what was you expecting, real life women?

higgins783236d ago

No, but I was surprised at just how unrealistic their proportions were.

Hellsvacancy3236d ago

Why are you so obsessed with breasts? there's more to women than that

yezz3236d ago


Surprised? Wait till you find out all the other unrealistic things in games.. -__-

Lord_Sloth3236d ago

I know! It's so unfair! Every day I look in the mirror with tears streaming down my face because I'll never look like Kratos.

Deadpool6163236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )


Hey there. I just came here to let you know that these people aren't real life people in the "video games". They are what we call "imaginary". Video game makers drew them from the ideas they get from their brain meat and made them into character from the magic of computers. The characters are the way they want them to be, which don't have to stay in the confines of reality. Wow! The more you know!

Oh and another thing. Michael Jordan didn't come out of retirement to play basketball again in 1996 because of Space Jam. I know it may seem like a coincidence, but the Looney Toons had nothing to do with it. Nor do the Looney Toons actually represent the actual walking/talk animals they portray in real life...nor do those animals act like humans...or even exist.

Although Elmer Fudd does exist. His real name is John C. Reilly.

Rachel_Alucard3235d ago

Everything must be realistic to be good = Western Market logic

Inception3235d ago

Lol ikr. It's like beautifull women with unrealistic asset are a taboo in video games.

Inception3235d ago

If you want to see realistic woman so bad than don't play video games. Just go out and play with them.

Gh05t3235d ago

Could you take a step back you are spraying your SJW all over me.

1: Since when is it bad to find 25 year old women attractive? Especially when the main demographic is aged 18-30.

2: What is a realistic interpretation of WOMAN? Please explain to me how you can completely include every woman's figure in "one" interpretation. I would like to know how you could include the woman who is barely 90 lbs with the woman who is 300 and make them both feel included in the interpretation. Last time I checked there are all types of women and I know a few that look very similar to the ones being discussed here... who you claim have "unrealistic" proportions.

3: It doesn't matter what "real life" size they are. That doesn't invalidate or validate your claims since you don't know the size of every woman living, not to mention this is an artists idea of a woman who they clearly know are not real... it is art. Never saw a woman who looked like a Pablo Picasso painting, I don't hear people complaining that the nudes he drew were not representative of the females living.

I could go on and on about all the reasons you are wrong for trying to compare game art with realistic women while giving no thought that there may actually be a female out there with that body type, but I will let this go as I have wasted too much time already trying to help the blindly ignorant..

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