Best Buy Screws Up Majoras Mask New 3DS, Club Nintendo Dies, Free Kirby Amiibo? - WiR 1/24/15

Best Buy is cancelling pre-orders from Majora's Mask New 3DS systems, Toys R Us is giving away free Kirby amiibo's, and Club Nintendo bites the dust, and Shawn Long tries to make sense of all of it.

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MetroidFREAK212678d ago

I preordered this awhile ago... Glad I got one when I did

IanTH2678d ago

I preordered it the day it was available. Best Buy is still cancelling my order. I've got a case open because I find it ludicrous that they can sell more preorders than they have allotted to them. I have little hope, but I'm not just sitting here and taking it. That's just bullsh....