PC Gamers Start A Buy Crysis Warhead Pledge (Petition)

A group of gamers have gotten together and created a pledge petition that looks to combat Crysis Warhead's eventual piracy and show Crytek the support of its community

The petition started late Saturday and has already nearly reached 100 members.

The body of the petition follows:

With the development of Crysis 2 and the Crysis franchise's PC exclusivity resting on the success of Crysis Warhead, we must insure the future of the franchise and hardcore PC development that innovates and pushes gaming technology to its limits and gives us stunning technical achievements like Crysis, Half-life 2, Far Cry, Doom 3, etc.

The original Crysis sold respectively and has since passed 1.5 million copies internationally. However, this is disappointing when considering that it was the Windows Platform's most publicized and tracked game of 2007.

With the PC's huge install base, it is disappointing that its sales didn't remotely approach the levels of other platform exclusives like the Xbox 360's Halo 3. A quick search on the internet reveals piracy as the leading reason, with 15-20 copies pirated for every copy sold.

We pledge to combat piracy and to buy Crysis Warhead as soon as possible after the game is released, both to support Crytek and future developers who risk developing for our heavily pirated but expansive platform.


The Undersigned

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Kulupoo5447d ago

ummm no thanks...
because crytek got no support after the game is release... just look @ how many hacker is on each server...

i dont give a crap how good the graphic is, is about the gameplay

Statix5447d ago (Edited 5447d ago )

You know a petition is full of credibility when the description body uses the word "insure" in place of "ensure." The geniuses who made this deserve commendation.

To me, this petition is nothing more than PC fanboys/console haters trying to keep games from appearing on consoles/other platforms. Which is pretty dumb; not to mention fruitless, considering Crytek has already stated they're shifting focus and resources from PC-exclusivity towards multiplatform development after the Crysis franchise.

Spydiggity5447d ago (Edited 5447d ago )

have always pushed game development along. Even now half life 2 doesn't look as good on consoles as it did for PC 4 years ago. and the problem is it's too easy to pirate PC games. console makers have too much control of the software that we put in. and i think it's good that consoles are doing well. the problem is that if PC gaming stops pushing the envelope, consoles will eventually start to hold us back. they won't be forced to make amazing looking games if PC game developers aren't pushing them.

While Crysis gameplay may have left something to be desired, you have to admit that on a technology level they are leaps and bounds beyond anything we've seen on consoles. and if you implemented any video games AI into a completely open, sandbox style, it's just not going to be very good. Look at grand theft auto for example. as much as we like it, the ai is awful. it's just very difficult to program for unlimited possibilities. but games like call of duty are regarded as great games and the ai is even worse. You can kill a guy behind a box, and another guy will run to the exact same spot to replace him. Sandbox games are hard to make, but Crysis has done it the best so far. We really should be supporting developers who push the limits of technology. video games are the driving force behind hardware development now. graphics engines, physics engines, etc... We NEED to support this or all gaming will become like the Wii: No advancement...just gimmicky peripherals.

Sorry Nintendo, you're good for 40-50 year olds with bad backs who can't golf or bowl for real anymore...but you're not progressing technology.

mf_fm5447d ago (Edited 5447d ago )

i bought the Special Edition Crysis

so crytek should just stfu about games being sold 1 vs 15 pirated.

the only problem was the game's graphics were so intense, even i had 7900GTX SLi, i can't play that sh!t max of everything, that's 1000 dollars of hardware we are talking about (consider people getting brand new hardware when released), THINK, and re-THINK.

its a great game, great benchmark as well, but who the fuxk has the hardware to play it max of everything, you are lucky it sold even 1.5M copies, if i knew i couldn't play this sh!t max from my SLi set up, i wouldn't even get it. i will pass.

that is the only reason people stayed away from Crysis, NOT because of Piracy!!

dumb madafxxkxxs

Motion5447d ago

Because you're complaining about people not having the hardware to play it at the max...well, yeah, people don't. and crytek said that. They said they were future proofing the engine by building in every graphical technology that was around. People weren't supposed to be able to play it at max, but a few years down the road, the game will still look amazing. They did say though, that in retrospect they should have disabled the advanced options until a future patch, as not to confuse the people with high end rigs who aren't getting the frame rates they expected. Live and learn I guess, but from the start, they didnt' think people would be running this game maxed out on current hardware.

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