Xbox 360 arrives in Brazil

Microsoft starts to sell its Xbox 360 video game console in Brazil today, December 1st. The Brazillian Official Kit comes along with 3 games - Perfect Dark Zero; PGR 3 and Kameo - and looks just like the Premium version among other countries.

Still, the company is also selling the most antecipated games, like Gears of War and Viva Piñata. There were so many pre-orders (15 time more than the stores were expecting) and many places do not have the games anymore. Remember when we said that Microsoft was betting on a fast Xbox 360 growth in Brazil? Well, she's kind of right, isn't she?

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MicroGamer4364d ago

Those are the first three games that I got for mine (other than the Burger King games).

power of Green 4364d ago

Lame Votes

HaHa 01 Dec 2006 11:18

Juevani 01 Dec 2006 10:02

It's amazing how 360 fans don't spam PS3 articals with out of spite hate votes.(this is all in fun and i do this B/C i hope you guy's would explain your reasons for your votes).

HaHa4364d ago

i vote lame cuz whenever there is anything positive about the ps3, which is the reason why i visit, there always more lame votes than cool. that's why. and please don't say it's not true

Anerythristic264364d ago

There should not be shortages if there does not have to be. So if I understand this correctly they rec. 15 times the amount of pre orders they were expecting AND sold completley out on games. This could have been handled better.

uxo224364d ago

Something else to whine about I guess.

JoelEH4364d ago

That is amazing I guess MS wasnt prepared to be welcomed as good as it did in Latin Americia.