Your PS4 and Xbox One are Getting Another Free Game This Year

With the free-to-play model evening itself out in market share through the last year or so, it’s hard to come by a decent new game – much less on the console. Here to be your hero, you can soon play a fully free first-person shooter on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, coming this year.

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Magnus7012340d ago

Fun fact: APB went from Subscription, to free-to-play, to free.

TheXgamerLive2340d ago

PC version was supposed to of been an Xbox 360 console exclusive and PC but it was soooo bugged out it wasn't to happen. I'm glad too.

Lets hoped it's been polished, otherwise I don't want to play. Their were many fun elements but overall it wasn't worth a full on game purchase of $60.

SonyWarrior2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I put over 100 hours on APB when it was subscription and it was very easy to get in game currency and transfer it to a month credit i never payed the subscription fees for the 3 months i played it. I stopped playing once they nerfed the dump truck, the ultimate troll machine

wannabe gamer2339d ago

They are moving to Unreal engine 4, gonna be awesome when they make the move. they finally got real anticheat also.

REDGUM2339d ago

Would somebody please tell me what APB stands for?
Not familiar with p.c games.

jagermaster6192339d ago

I believe it means all points bulletin (apb) which was made by the creator of grand theft auto its kinda like cops and robbers in a way

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gangsta_red2340d ago

Didn't this game go through a ton of iterations and was considered a huge flop? I thought this game was shut down long ago.

JoeIsMad2340d ago

No, the original APB died because they tried to sell it as a subscription game. On release APB: Reloaded actually enjoyed moderate success before people lost their attention spans. Given that there's almost no competition on the PS4/Xbone for FTP titles, it should do pretty well!

gangsta_red2340d ago

Okay, I just remember there was some hype and buzz for this game before release and then I heard on release it wasn't anything as advertised. Then I didn't hear anything about it at all.

Yea, I remember this game was suppose to come to the Xbox 360!

Ch1d0r12340d ago

Been playing Warframe and War Thunder on the daily. Warframe has been updated a bit so that you can know what the hell is going on. Sometimes these F2P games hardly explain how the system works. Thank god for youtube videos explaining peoples questions.

XanderZane2339d ago

I thought the same thing. After it flopped, I thought they shut the game down for good. I had know idea they revamped it and did a ABP: Reloaded version of the game. I'm patiently waiting for Planetside 2 on the PS4, but I may give this game a try just to pass the time and see if it's any good.

OrangePowerz2340d ago

Surprised APB is still alive.

JoeIsMad2340d ago

It has a small professional circuit. I figure it to grow with this announcement.

CaptainFaisal2339d ago

yes and no , you might not play it for along time ... and driving is what in my opinion ruined the game it sucks! Its almost like watchdogs but the turning response has a huge delay

JoeIsMad2340d ago

Honestly I have no idea how you can say "Meh" to free...

bananaboats2340d ago

Just because it's free doesn't mean it'll be fun to play. So I agree...meh

Palitera2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Meh because F2P games are simply bad. Not worth the play time.

Eidolon2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Played it when it first came out, beta and release.. did not like it, and I'm open to all sorts of genres/gameplay, but this reeked of F2P. I just don't like F2P games, I guess. Most I'd play it for is the trophies.

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