Top 10 Indie Games on Playstation Vita

(CriticalIndieGamer)Sony might have ditched support for the Playstation Vita shortly after launch, but that doesn’t mean game over for the system, not by a long shot. The handheld has found huge support from the indie development community and is home to a vibrant and eclectic mix of games from smaller studios, all over the world. Cutting those games down for a “top ten” list was a tough task, but I hope you agree that the following games represent the best of the best of Playstation Vita indie games. Enjoy.

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Shineon2384d ago

Gotta love my indie station good to know the processor is being utilized property pushing all those polygons

Shineon2384d ago

I don't know what yall disagreeing 4 the vita sucks Sony ain't really paying any attention to it They abandoned it and us who have purchased the system .Its a nice handheld theoretically the best but it's nothing without support