Hate the Grind of Destiny? So did this guy

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Destiny‘s leveling system, once a player reaches Level 20, leveling ceases to increase from experience points and instead focuses on gathering resources in order to obtain better weapons and armor.

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MilkMan2430d ago

LMFAO. Epic, just epic. Bungie should be ashamed of themselves for making a game so utterly rubbish.

joab7772430d ago

If you the grind, don't play it. Seems simple. And don't play any mmo, b/c the grind is often the point.

In FF14, there are many players from FF14 that don't think the game is grind enough. For many, spending 18 hrs a day grinding is what separates them from others.

It's definitely not for me, but it's either RNG or grinding as a way to obtain the gear needed in most mmo's to get you strong enough to do the most challenging content. And as I said, many see it and it's rewards as a mark of commitment. Many devs have found ways to spruce it up, but it's impossible to make enough content to keep hardcover players busy. Also, if too much content is made, no new players will ever start.

FullmetalRoyale2430d ago

What if I NOT the grind, though? Where does that leave me?

paradigmfellow2430d ago

I canceled my subscription to FF14 because it became grindy.

Halo2ODST22430d ago

Arrrrg, Destiny is not a bloody MMO, so stop with that nonsense, even if you were to consider it one, it's still pretty bad by MMO standards

Knuckle Duster2430d ago

Just when I thought I had heard of all the ways to deal with Destinys GRIND! Lmao

wsoutlaw872430d ago

Kind of impressive but really stupid. Why play destiny if you don't enjoy playing destiny? What exactly does he want to do with the rank and gear that he gets from this? I don't get why people are obsessed with trying to get the best gear and highest rank, if they dont have fun doing that. Is he going to like to play destiny when he gets everything? Or will he just stop playing and have waisted even more time making a way to grind stuff he wont use. Destinys design is not the problem, is some people's strange need to have the best stuff, even if they dont want it. I play destiny every once and a while ( would be more if there was stuff to do) because I enjoy the gameplay and have fun with friends. I don't try to pointlessly grind; thats not fun.

shodai2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Some games are enjoyable but to get to the enjoyable part u have to deal with the bullshit first. 65% bullshit grinding fest that nobody enjoys, just do it because they have to, and once ur done u can enjoy the rest. So basically he was a genius he said fuck the bullshit Im just going to build something that deals with that instead of me and after, once done, I can get to enjoy the rest of the game. kinda like wow. there is always grinding, though I enjoyed it way more in wow, but sometimes it was a chore. in Wow the game only begins in the end game.

wsoutlaw872429d ago

But none of that references destiny really. We aren't talking about wow. What is he going to do differently at level 20

shodai2429d ago


I donty know, future expansions may change the game and what not, personally I never got destiny as I saw what they were doing with it. but all im saying is that some games have a part grinding and that the enjoyable part is at the end.

2430d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.