MS: "fantastic surprises" at E3

CVG reports: "Ex-Nintendo Europe boss David Gosen, now marketing exec at Microsoft, has teased the "fantastic surprises" set to be revealed at this month's E3 show in Los Angeles. Is that 360 Wii Remote finally coming out of the closet?"

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Vojkan4662d ago

Surprise? I hope it isnt that Wii mote copy, because that cant be called surprise, its rip off, not surprise. Everyone will go LOL.

Anyways, they all have "big" surprise.

Mr Playboy4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

I think we will see Dead Rising 2

SixTwoTwo4662d ago

and it will be a multiplat

gaffyh4662d ago

Every company has "surprises" at E3, and I feel like Sony's E3 will be the best again. And Nintendo's will be the worst the only thing I can see them announcing is Kid Icarus.

Dead Rising 2 will be multi-plat (Dead Rising 1 is crap anyway, I've got the game and I only played it for a few days and got bored). The best announcement MS could make would be exclusive Resident Evil 5 and Bioshock 2.

shazam4662d ago

every comment in 1.X has 3 disagrees (except this one)


dodgecity4662d ago

Oh my god, if they show dead rising 2, they'll automatically win the console war. :)

kosha4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Although i would love to see dead rising 2 lets be serious that one game is not gonna end the console war. And there is always the possibility its gonna be multiplat.

Nostradavis4662d ago

Thought this was funny...

Just once I would love to hear a marketing exec (3D Realms doesn’t count) respond by with something like:

“E3? I totally forgot about that. I guess we’ll have to plan on winging it this year. We’ll likely wait until about 20 minutes before our keynote starts. I’ll pop a few Tic Tacs and make a mad dash for the stage. If I don’t see a podium immediately, I’ll do a quick fly/zipper check to make sure the family jewels aren’t exposed . Then I’ll bust out a few knock knock jokes and wrap things up by handing out free beverage coupons. Our market research shows gamers love free caffeinated beverages.”

CaptainHowdy4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

-Gamerpad/ Mii ripoffs
-Wiimote Squared
-Halo 4
-Bluray (not likely...they're too pissed off about the loss, but u never know)

fusionboxer4661d ago

Halo 4 and more footage of Halo Wars and Gears 2. I also suspect some announcements of more exclusives and improvements to xbox live.

Other then that I can't make any other guesses.

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Topcat-Lonewolf4662d ago

The Xbox 720 to be unveiled? A black wii? :P

Ahh seriously though I hope they show me something which I can say that looks unbelievable, and without any cgi videos *rolls eyes*

4662d ago
dro4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

cool, i hope its something worth the suprise, maybe HALO 4 FOR SUMMER 09 =O.

Topcat-Lonewolf4662d ago

If it turns out to be the wii mote style thingymabob that is commonly used as a sex toy, then people would probably laugh at MS.

Blu ray add on would probably make MS seem like Hypocrits and i'm not sure that MS wants to become the laughing stock on the gaming playground.

Securing bioshock 2 as a full exclusive would be a good job well done, but I'm not sure that 2k games will be so sure about doing that, they need all the cash they can get, unless MS promises them something big which would just seem like them buying another exclusive which gamers for the other consoles are less happy about already as it is market spoiling. And if they have secured it as a full exclusive then, they made a blunder not doing so for the first one.

Bioshock 2 as a timed exclusive equals a failure imo, PS3 owners don't mind that they got it late, they are happy they got it at all, but with the DLC included for PS3 owners, well iI'd prefer to wait personally. :/

I think he is talking about something we haven't yet seen.

Ballistic Jay4662d ago

Why would you even want another halo? At this point they'll all be the same game...

DavidMacDougall4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Steve Ballmer killed bill gates and ate his soul and now he is more powerful !!!

Standing on the stage covered in blood , wearing bill gates glasses screaming !!


AllroundGamer4662d ago

:D i really imagined how it would look, thx for the laugh, have a bubble.

Strife Lives4662d ago

Imagine that. . .well. . .I want to know what happend to Cortana and Chief after they floated near that weird hoping dec08 I find out! Lol