Radeon HD 4870 Better Than GTX 260

Only a few days ago, everything seemed perfect in the best of all possible worlds for Nvidia. The card manufacturer had just launched its GeForce GTX 260 and 280, which – despite the six-month delay – pushed the unified architecture introduced with the GeForce 8 to the limits of what a 65-nm process and a gigantic number of transistors could offer. The performance gain compared to the former –and now older – generation wasn't overwhelming (59% on average over a 9800 GTX), but the arrival of CUDA applications was an interesting development, and Nvidia had no competition.

Meanwhile, AMD seemed to be ever deeper in the red with its graphics division, avowedly incapable of competing on the high-end market segment as it once did, with its existing high-end cards quickly aging performance-wise. Then came the hush-hush release of the Radeon HD 4850, even before anybody had time to test it, and at an astoundingly low price of $199.

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Zhuk4952d ago

Finally a reason to buy ATI again, never liked Nvidia anyway since the 3dfx days

Gun_Senshi4952d ago

Best Video Card atm is GeForce GTX280

Xi4952d ago

until the 4870x2 comes out and obliterates it.

Ghoul4952d ago

its not better its a tie performance wise, except the gtx260 has a MUCH lower watt usage wich made it the winner for me.

JsonHenry4952d ago

Agreed. But this is a price/performance comparison. And for the money the ATI (AMD) card is the better purchase.

Ghoul4952d ago


true, but still in real i get a 4780 for 210€ and a gtx260 for 269€ atm.
i picked the gtx260 xxx version wich is the inhouse overclocked xfx model and it kicks major ass as it is between the gtx260 and gtx280 performance wise.

and there is one major thing to think about it too the gtx is still waiting for the proper driver and together with full physx i cant wait to see the real power unleashed of this beast.

Bolts4952d ago

Xfire scaling totally blows and the 4870 is running like it is on fire. The card is too damn hot. The 4870 win, for now, but I don't think Nvidia is done yet. They simply got caught off guard, now we'll just have to wait for the counter punch.

Kakkoii4952d ago

4870 cost's $300 US dollars.. And the GTX 260 is dropping to $300 also..

Guwapo774952d ago

As for the power consumption under load Nvidia isn't but a 16 watt difference. But in idle Nvidia kicks butt on power consumption! How many computer are idling? Exactly...

Read below from one of the industry's most trusted websites. Not much difference is it? But there is in performance.

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Gun_Senshi4952d ago

Still not better then GTX 280

Fishy Fingers4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

But over £100 cheaper.

In fact, here's a crossfire bundle (4870) that works out about £30 more than the 280GTX. That in crossfire would give the 280 a good run for it's money.

Ghoul4952d ago

true fishy but you know it yourself that a 4750 cf setup is watt drainage monster. :)

if nvidia would just lower the prices of the gtx200 series amd will be beaten once more.

im just no fan of sli or cf setups to much watt drain, too loud, too buggy.

Gun_Senshi4952d ago

I'm sorry but I want to plan for future so I will get a GTX 280 so when its cheaper I buy another and be more powerful then 2 Radiean HD 4870

Guwapo774952d ago

What future are you planning for? Nvidia has DX10 and ATi has DX10.1.

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centrum2k4952d ago

i'll go for 4870 if i going to build another rig. the price and performance for the 4870 is damn nice. the only problem w/4870 is that this beast is hot.

GIJeff4951d ago

you have 2 options for the heat:

1) turn the fan speed up to ~40% if you want your card idleing in the 50's, and maxing in the 60's while OCed 40mhz to the CCC max of 790(expect this number to change soon with modded drivers n such).

2) Buy an aftermarket cooler. Apparently coolers that work with the 3870 also fit the 4870. The one from thermalright is the best.


The 'Super' R770 will beat it in more regards, as it has a much lower power usage, although that spare power and lower temperatures can just be used for extreme overclocking.

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