Star Wars Battlefront Sticks To First Person Gameplay?

Swtorstrategies: "With Star Wars: Battlefront continuing to lack in the release date department, we’re seriously hoping that at the very least we’ll have a date released for E3 this year. We haven’t heard too much from EA, but the one topic that has been most controversial surrounding the game is the lack of anyone mentioning the 3rd person perspective."

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-Foxtrot1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

If it's first person only then Battlefront will be dead to me

It will basically end up "Battlefield Star Wars edition"

Pandamobile1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Which is pretty much what Battlefront was to begin with.

Either way, it'll probably still have the first/third person perspective switching. It was kind of a core feature of the original games.

It does make designing the game much more challenging if they do end up doing both. Essentially you have to balance an FPS and TPS game and still have it be an awesome experience for both perspectives.

-Foxtrot1364d ago

Then they should go with third person, they need to separate it from their other games

Pandamobile1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Yeah, but EA is going to want Battlefront to appeal to their Battlefield players as well, which are players that are going to want a FPS game.

Star Wars Battlefront is probably going to end up being a re-imagining of the old games. This might just be the Battlefield guy in me, but I'd much rather play a Star Wars FPS than TPS.

LightofDarkness1363d ago

If they go first person they'll rename it to Star Wars: Battlefield. Wait and see. Battlefront and Battlefield already sound similar, perhaps too similar. Might as well attract their BF fanbase while they're at it, no?

I hope for a third person game though, cover mechanics and all. Especially because in this kind of game you have classes that can disrupt cover stand-offs quite easily due to verticality (jet-packing Mandalorians/Stormtroopers for example). Plus, controlling Jedi hero classes via first person would be nightmarish.

They should look to Movie Battles for Jedi Academy on PC for the best way to do this stuff. They mix first and third person effortlessly.

PoSTedUP1363d ago

i hope they switch it up. i want it like battle front 2, but then again first person with the storm trooper guns would be pretty dope.

Jumper091363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

People forgot that this Dice Battlefront is not a sequel...
Its Dice's version of Battlefront.

pixelsword1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

@ jumper:

I guess EA forgot that Battlefront will most likely be profitable if people who like Battlefront buy Battlefront. ;)

I hate to break it to you guys, but there's probably no switching option because 3rd person has a tactical advantage in terms of sighting the enemy, so it's probably just 1st.

What they could do is have 3rd and 1st person only rooms along with mixed rooms, but even EA can't be so stupid as to realize that what's the point of being Boba Fett if you can't see that you're freaking Boba Fett?

garrettbobbyferguson1363d ago


In Battlefront third person perspective only gave you the advantage in rolling. First person gave you a slight accuracy boost. A staple of the series on consoles was that it was default oriented in third person mode. Dice will ruin it if they do not allow that.

NukaCola1363d ago

If they wanted a fully FPS, then they should make REPUBLIC COMMANDO 2

Oh I wish they would make JEDI KNIGHT IV next!

Conzul1363d ago

All I can say is, I haven't played an EA/Dice game since BF3.

And if Battlefront lacks a full TPS mode, I won't be changing that paradigm.

Avalanche1363d ago

thats what the team is there to do...A JOB. this game will blow hard if its only FPS which it will be only FPS because its EA and they love short cuts and money.

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PockyKing1364d ago

If they go third person along with first person, I'm certainly hoping that they add cover mechanics...considering the last one was two gens ago now ;)

Halo2ODST21363d ago

Yay !! Cover mechanics, lets turn this into Gears & Gta 5, with millions of chest high walls, and being able to see behind walls with the camera not the person

Hellsvacancy1363d ago

I can see Dice patching it in after release due to the complaints

I don't want a fps game, I'd at least like the option to choose

Spinal1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

As long as the Jedi/sith chars are played as 3rd person then I'm happy. But if you gotta swing a lightsaber in first person that's a definite no buy for me.

I miss the good ole days of Jedi Outcast multiplayer with friends soooo much fun.

CorndogBurglar1363d ago

Why? Its not like melee weapons have never been done effectively in FPS games.

MysticStrummer1363d ago

They could do lightsabers like Destiny does the sword of crota and make it third person when using the sword.

Cy1363d ago

That's been my main worry since I heard DICE was making it. I'll wait to see actual gameplay footage before freaking out, though.

MysticStrummer1363d ago

The point of view doesn't matter to me. The fact that DICE and EA are involved sure does though. I'll need to see lots of positive feedback and lots of streams through Live From Playstation before I think about picking this game up.

3-4-51363d ago

We have 50 FPS games and like 5 3rd person shooters.

* PvZ:GW is a 4rd person shooter that style and gameplay are perfect for 3rd person.

* SWBF needs a 3rd person view as an option.

* Thing is.....99% of fans, if they made the game would include it. Some person in charge probably doesn't "get it" though.

Magicite1363d ago

I have skipped many great games (far cry, dishonored) only because they were 1st person only. Give us at least an option like in skyrim/fallout where u can switch between views.

toddybad1363d ago

That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. What are you, 10?

bmf73641363d ago

The game needs a third person camera along with a first person option to stay true to the series.

InTheZoneAC1363d ago

how is that a bad thing? battlefield was ruined by going all Call of Duty

We need something to fill that void and a FPS Star Wars/Battlefront would be excellent.

I'm a big fan of third person games/shooters, but star wars FPS is probably the best thing to happen to any FPS.

Petro1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I'm going to blurb out my honest opinion of third person view, it sucks donkey balls. Why? Try playing anything competitive with third person view, answer is that you cant as there are none, because people will abuse the shit out of the third person view, but sure I would be fine with a game having option for people who don't play as seriously as I and hopefully many others do. :)

TbagginEagle1363d ago

Gears of War, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six...these are just right of the top of mah head. How can you say no one can play these games competitively when R6 Vegas 2 still has online communities on both PS3 and Xbox360 not to mention PC? What planet are you from?

Petro1363d ago

I must admit that level design can in some cases save the game from horrible third person abuse, like in Gears of War. But knowing Battlefront, there will be big height differences so if you had third person view you could just be crouched on top of a building and looking down seeing everyone without them seeing you.

If you ever play Arma 3, be sure to join a server without a third person view as you get killed over and over again by people who are on a roof looking at you all the time without you ever having a change of seeing them, I also use the same method in any third person game I play, it works and its easy.

shloobmm31363d ago

I loved the battlefront games. However I am not opposed to trying something new. Battlefront had it's fair share of issues and I have high hoped for this game.

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crazychris41241364d ago

Just do both how hard is it?? Allow us to switch back and forth unless a custom rented server restricts it to a certain view

Blues Cowboy1363d ago

Erm, yeah. What you said. People will argue about how each perspective is "OP" due to the different FOV and camera height, but stuff it, just do both.

Jackhass1364d ago

I'm sure it probably will be first-person -- everything is these days!

trywizardo1363d ago

FPS is Dice thing , so obviously its gonna be only FPS , but they should make it without glitchs xD