Fable Legends Coming On PC, CrossPlay With XB1, Uses DX12

Fable Legends will arrive on PC and it will have crossplay with Xbox One. The game has also been confirmed to use DirectX 12.

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aceitman2440d ago

it was announced but not clarified dx12 only being used on pc. not x1

DigitalRaptor2440d ago

From first hand experience, cross-play is an amazing thing, so this is great news.

Does anyone know if they announced a release date for it?

Alexious2439d ago

No release date at all. I bet they will announce it at E3.

Magicite2440d ago

less reasons to own X1. Hopefully Quantum Break follows this trend.

Foehammer2440d ago

...and hopefully No man's Sky, H1Z1, planetSide 2, etc

2439d ago
Volkama2440d ago

Why would it not use Dx12 on the Xbox? That would reduce their workload significantly...

gangsta_red2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Nice, looks like MS is going to push for a lot of cross play with PC.

This is really good for a title like this, looking at the gameplay I can see the "dungeon master" prefering the PC so they can use a mouse and keyboard to create traps, monsters and other hazards for players on PC and console.

If that's how it's even played that is.

Hopefully this example of cross play will prompt more of this feature from third party devs.

Godmars2902440d ago

How are Lionhead a 3rd party dev? Fable a 3rd party IP?

gangsta_red2440d ago

Here, let me get rid of "other". Now, hopefully this will prompt third party devs to make more games cross platform with PC....

Moldiver2440d ago

Firefall would be a great candidate for cross play between windows and xbox. I play it with an xbox controller on PC and It works brilliantly. perfect fit for the online centric xbox.

I was thinking fable would be a great game for this, feature as it goes. I am sure MS have other cross platform games in mind ( Smite may even use it by the time windows X rolls out.)maybe even xbox-PC specific co op and competitive games. MMOs could utilise this greatly.

There is some good potential there. And they can do it without taking anything from xbox (key games, like halo and forza are for xbox only..Fable has always had a PC release, so a more inclusive day and date launch with the xb1 version plus cross play is a good move.)

GMR_PR2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Does this mean H5, Quantum Break and GeoW will be on PC? Whats the reason on having an XBO, if all the games will eventually hit PC.

I guess the hint on the H5 beta of it coming to other platforms could be true then.

maybe their are testing to see how software do on other platforms, in this case PC, maybe they are spinning off the brand after all.

DigitalRaptor2440d ago


If a first-party mainline franchise like Fable is also going to be on PC, expect a Quantum Break port within 12 months of the XB1 version.

Halo and Gears have no chance. The best opportunity you'll get is streaming those to PC. And form what I gathered, you need an XB1 to stream your games to a PC, in the first place.

Volkama2440d ago

Same reasons as today: It's cheap and has games like those you mentioned.

If you already have a PC then perhaps there isn't a good reason for you to own an XBox One. Which is no loss to Microsoft, so long as people buy their games and services because that's where they make their money...

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Gamer19822440d ago

That's worrying though that they now putting there 1st party games on PC no?? Those investors losing faith in the xbox and want to tackle the growing PC market instead. They just basically took one of there exclusives and put it on PC. Great is cross-play but now I one less reason to buy an Xbox one as that was one of the few games that intere4sted me. (only interested in fable and scalebound and I have a gaming PC with W8)

gangsta_red2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Not worrying at all, you really think that one or two games coming from Xbox One to the PC is going to dry up Xbox support?

I don't usually game on PC, I mainly use a PC for internet, email and other business. I am sure there are many more adults and definitely kids/teenagers like me. The only way to get our gaming is through consoles.

So no, I am not worried. And MS is slapping Xbox on everything, their tablets, PC, and everything in between. They wouldn't push the brand name if investors were losing faith. If anything investors are fully on board and the faith is increasing.

Also, people who say "one less reason..." in my experience, never really had a reason to get something in the first place.

AngelicIceDiamond2440d ago

"That's worrying though that they now putting there 1st party games on PC no?? Those investors losing faith in the xbox and want to tackle the growing PC market instead."

MS sold 10 million consoles within 2 months why would they all of sudden start losing faith in the console?

So believe it or not there's only a few people or maybe a vocal minority who actually won't get the game on Xbox because its on PC.

Allot of people said they were getting TF on PC here as well other outlets. The game sold WAY more on X1 and even sold way more than the 360 version making your statement a little irrelevant and in the minority.

Now listen if your getting it on PC that's fine. Because you getting it on PC is making MS money still and its all part of the same ecosystem that's the plan.

To bridge the gap between console and PC. It does MS no harm but nothing but favors if you get it on PC now.

rainslacker2440d ago

It's not worrying. It's just MS trying to push software sales, which is where the bulk of the money lies.

I'd prefer they try and let as many people play the game as possible over trying to horde it to one system. It makes sense for companies to keep something console exclusive to drive hardware sales, but why anyone would have a problem with it being on PC as well is beyond me. From what I've seen, most people prefer either the console or the PC, but can often use both if necessary, so why not people have the choice of where to play and the companies can make more money at the same time.

Volkama2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Making money is more important than selling hardware. Investors aren't going to spin of the division just because it's making money from a wider audience than before...

2439d ago
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kaiserfranz2440d ago

I was seriously hoping for Fable Legends to be on PC, cross play is a great news as well! Between DX12 and UE4 I expect amazing graphics.

xfiles20992440d ago

Awesome another reason for me not to own a Xbone I hope all there games come to PC

christocolus2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

lmao...this guy again. lionhead was first and foremost a pc developer and this isn't the first fable title to hit pc. MS/LH have done it in the past with fable 1 and surprisingly i'm looking forward to playing legends with my pc brethren, the game looks like a perfect fit for crosspslay.


Keep guys are

Lawboy22440d ago

Well all xbox games can now be played on PC...through windows 10...but u have to have an Xbox

Alexious2440d ago

That's secretly my hope too.

Quantum Break is next!

hello122440d ago

What it is coming to PC, it was announced. What was going on stage was crossplay phil was on PC and the girl from Lionhead was on x box playing together.

BallsEye2440d ago

I'm against cross play in shooters but this game is perfect for it. Been in closed beta since start. As long as they force headsets on PC players instead of text chat, I'm all up for it.

Alexious2440d ago

How's the game? Did you enjoy the beta?

AngelicIceDiamond2440d ago

MS for years has been making all these promises to support PC I'm glad Phil doing what he needs to do and actually sticking to his word.

xfiles20992440d ago

I hate Xbox One but I will admit I'm glad there putting there games on PC it really gives me no reason to own one PS4 and PC is all I need so far.

Blackleg-sanji2440d ago

Shall i recommend a 1,2,3 ko combo nd add wiiu to that

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