MWEB GameZone Review: COUGAR 200K Keyboard and 200M Mouse

The Cougar 200k keyboard & 200M mouse won't cost you much, and still deliver

HanCilliers3471d ago

I once had a cougar keyboard, it was horrid

SonZeRo3471d ago

These aren't all bad actually, i actually could get used to it


The Cougar Conquer 2 Chassis is Unique, Weird and Amazing Looking!

The Cougar Conquer 2 is an amazingly unique case offering compatability for an ATX motherboard and multiple GPUs all while looking amazingly unique!

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COUGAR 550M Flagship Gaming Mouse Recently Announced

COUGAR was established to build and provide players with the best available devices to their latest product shows. The new mouse Cougar flagship game is the 550M and it looks very impressive. A little brother named 500M with slightly less specifications is also on the way.

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Cougar 700K mechanical gaming keyboard review - Cougar has some claws | Examiner

Cougar tosses their 700K mechanical gaming keyboard into the ring and shows they definitely have some claws to hang with the ‘big boys’. With an aluminum chassis, good driver software and a few nice extras, the Cougar 700K is well worth a look.

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