Alleged Leak about Dishonored 2 Uncovers Pieces of the Puzzle

While there hasn’t been any useful information about “Dishonored 2” on the official front recently, rumors have been plentiful – including a fresh one which claims to be a leak straight from the offices of Arkane Studio, sharing some information about the in-development game. Whether or not these rumors are true is impossible to confirm right now, so fans should take them with a grain of salt – but they do reveal some interesting information if true.

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Relientk772930d ago

If Dishonored 2 gets revealed I will flip out, in a good way

UltraNova2929d ago

Dishonored was hands down one of the best last gen surprises. I cant wait for the sequel!

DarkOcelet2930d ago

There is nothing added new in the article haven't already been heard or suggested. And playing as Emily would be weird, she is the queen now, so a queen will go assassinate and kill people now lol. While that would be a cool idea, its just a bit weird.

F0XHOUND2930d ago

Lol, true! Maybe it won't be a direct sequel but maybe years later or something entirely new under the dishonored name.

skulz72930d ago

First game was near perfect and was one of last gens best New IPs

Can't wait for the sequel!

TheUpbringer2929d ago

Too much teasing, I'm gonna explode.