Call of Duty World at War II to be revealed in May

Developer Treyarch is reportedly planning to reveal Call of Duty: World at War II later this year, according to an alleged teaser poster leaked online.

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getrektedmate2930d ago

Please be true!!! I need a next gen ww2 game

NegativeCreep4272930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I totally agree.

A WWII game is exactly the trend that the Saturated current-to-futuristic FPS trend needs to stay fresh.

I know it may sound a bit contradictory to some, but it is true.

bmf73642930d ago

Let the spark of the WW2 throwback be Wolfenstein. Seriously play the new order its a great game.

LexHazard792930d ago


Wolfenstein is one of the best games out. Im having a blast with it.

mikeslemonade2930d ago

Lame.. but I will be buying it anyway. Sucks when you got too much money. I end up supporting things I don't like.

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XBLSkull2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Agree with you there mike. I also have been chiming for a new WWII game. If it is good I'll have no problem picking this up, but there are so, so many ways they can mess this up.

Just remember, no kill streaks, extremely limited customization, extremely limited perks.

I have nothing against Wolfenstein, but don't give us that. Give us Saving Private Ryan.

This is either a fantastic announcement, or a huge disaster waiting to happen... Please don't disappoint. Read the history books for guidance instead of the last half-dozen games of the series.

NukaCola2929d ago

I really wish they'd make a COD in Vietnam.

Gamer19822929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I think we need an all new type of FPS game like sci-fi call of duty or dinosaurs instead of the rinse and repeat crap we are getting every year.. At least Battlefields having a go at change.

Prime1572929d ago


Perfect game to NOT preorder...

AntoineDcoolette2929d ago

I literally exclaimed 'oh shit!' upon reading this title.

lipton1012929d ago

I'm waiting for a battlefield 1944. I'd lose it if it were announced

fr0sty2929d ago

So, they oversaturate the market with WW2 games, with dozens after dozens of them being pumped out at the end of the PS2 and into the beginning of the PS3 generation. Now they move on to "modern" war and "future" war games, and oversaturate those too...

Suddenly going back to yet another game about that same war is a good thing?

I'm sick of COD in general, honestly.

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3-4-52930d ago

* After all these future & modern shooters, it would be good to get back to the classic WW2 setting.

* Those guns were made with less technology, and were thus, less accurate in some ways, so each gun can actually have it's own style and feel compared to the rest.

That and there was a greater variety I think as well.

AngelicIceDiamond2930d ago

Have fun with that I'm passin on COD.

Gamer19822929d ago

It will be on 360 and PS3 though thanks to activision only caring about sales so once again the game wont be as great as it should be.. I wonder if there will be dogs? :P

Jaqen_Hghar2929d ago


more importantly...will it have Mario 64 fish AI?

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ZombieKiller2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Although I think this is much needed for the Call of Duty series in general....and for me, I truly think Black Ops 3.

Black Ops was a sequel to World At War so how could it go back? I would love another [email protected] game as the first one was my favorite. I wouldn't be surprised if the story stretches back to WWII and every other level in the campaign were old WWII maps or something. They seem to do what they need to tell the story.

I think this is fake though. I bet it will be black ops 3 I don't trust anything over the internet that has the name Anonymous in it....F that.

frostypants2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This might just make me come back to CoD. Back to the fundamentals: good map design and atmosphere. I couldn't care less about's the online that has been jacked up. CoD has turned into something like you'd see on a casino video slot machine.

nucky642929d ago

and if it's WWII......BRING BACK THE MG42 AND PPSh - I love those guns!

hduce2929d ago

If this is true and they do a reveal I'll probably pass out. World At War is my favorite COD. Also, it makes sense to make a sequel to World At War as seeing Advanced Warfare could have passed as Black Ops 3 to me.

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annoyedgamer2930d ago

Who is AnonymousProtection? This looks like a troll.

Relientk772930d ago

a couple of the tweets are saying "its fake :( it was on reddit a couple months ago"

joeyisback2930d ago

OMG hopefully they keep the old guns that was in the first I used to beast in it kd over 4.3 can't wait

Majin-vegeta2930d ago

They'll find a way to mess it up somehow....

Halo2ODST22929d ago

Not necessarially, also I'm the passive agreesive one on this site not you

Geekman2929d ago

You're all passive aggressive.

DarkOcelet2930d ago

Wasn't an article saying Treyarch won't be releasing its COD game this year? But if this is true then great, i am so sick of those futuristic shooters.

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