Gran Turismo HD reduced to concept demo.

Kazunori Yamaouchi, CEO and producer at Gran Turismo dev Polyphony, has revealed that developer has chosen to focus attention on Gran Turismo 5, with Gran Turismo HD no longer to be released as a full game. GT HD instead is to made available for download as GT-HD Concept demo.

GT-HD Concept features 10 cars, 1 course with 2 layouts, Time Attack and Drift Trial modes. It also delivers a full HD visual experience reinforced with the new engine being developed for GT5. It has no online support other than a network ranking. The online experience will come with GT5 in 2008.

Currently, GT-HD Concept is set for release via PlayStation Store on December 24 in Japan.

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Antan4432d ago

Well im not suprsised by this news, i think its the right thing to do also, more time spent on GT5 can only be beneficial, though 2008 does seem someway off. Forza 2 will be around soon so won`t seem so bad for us petrol heads! I wonder what the release date would of been if GT4 hadn`t of been delayed a few times? Regardless im eagerly awaiting what the Polyphony guys can pull out of the hat, never let me down yet.

UrbanJabroni4432d ago

I couldn't fathom why they were using up resources on HD.

BrotherSic4432d ago

It's crazy to think about all the time they have wasted though creating a game that now has been judged to be not good enough for a full release.

I am sure that Sony wont be happy as 2008 is a long time away

MicroGamer4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

PS3 needs a version of GT as soon as humanly possible. GTHD may have been a rehash of GT4 with prettier graphics, but at least it was scheduled for 2007 release and would have satisfied PS3 players until GT5. Has GT4 for PSP even been released yet?? That was supposed to have been out by now. If they keep polishing this game until it's just right, they may find out it's too late by the time it gets here.

specialguest4432d ago

i don't think a real GT fan would be satified with a reharshed version of GT4. it's been a while now since GT4 has been out, and no one wants to wait just to play a prettier version of the same game, which can get very expensive with that microtransaction thing.

im glad they've decided to snap out of it and get the workin on something entirely new.

InMyOpinion4432d ago

I thought they had dropped the thieving microtransaction bs but no. Maybe in the future they can bundle the Ps3 with a full version of GT 5 including all the options and practically give it away for say 1000$. Sweet...

andy capps4431d ago

Umm, the concept demo is going to be a free download as will any later demos they put out on the GT HD concept.

UrbanJabroni- Couldn't agree with you more. This is great news, glad they're not wasting any more time on an upgraded PS2 game. Now they can focus on hopefully getting damage in the game, full online play, etc...

InMyOpinion4431d ago

Yeah, a cheap demo. We already have playable demos on the 360. Now you have to wait until 2008. Waiting turns you on I guess. And they're still sticking with the micro-transaction rip off. Sony fans are true masochists. 600$ console, and then a 400$ game. Retarded masochists even. Bring out the gimp...

specialguest4431d ago

you make some of the silliest comments on this site, you know that.

you're the type that complains about how they should have made GT5 instead of a rehashed GT4. now that they are doing exactly what they should have done from the beginning, you turn around and complain about the total opposite!

andy capps4431d ago

It's good for you that you have free demos on the 360. Go enjoy them, if you don't like something, you don't have to comment on it. I already showed you were wrong, why do you persist in making yourself look like you don't know what you're talking about?

InMyOpinion4430d ago

If you don't like my comments, ignore them. I comment on whatever I want to comment on, as should you. I know my comments are silly. I enjoy upsetting people like yourself ,who try their hardest to write intellectually challenging comments, in order to boost their acne..I mean self esteem.

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