Is Chameleon Going To Be In MKX?

a picture of a few kombatant's feet may actually prove that Chameleon will show up in the new Mortal Kombat game, MKX

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Barnaby-Jones1371d ago

That would be cool. I would like if they fleshed the character out more.

caseh1370d ago

Cool, another clone...

Surely they could make up the entire cast of the original MK with Sub Zero, Scorpion, Chameleon etc How many re-colours of that character design are there by now?


either you have no idea what youre talking about or youre stuck in some kind of time warp back in 1995. None of the "pallet swap" characters have looked the same in 20 years- and theyve never played similarly to one another either (aside from scorp and smoke)

Maybe you should actually play the game or even have basic knowledge about something before you talk. otherwise, its pretty sad that you hold a grudge for something that happened in a game on super nintendo.

caseh1370d ago

What's it got to do with Super Nintendo?

I was simply having a dig that half the cast (yes, its an exaggeration) are palette swaps of the same basic design of one character. Sad thing is, it isn't far from the truth.

1370d ago
CorndogBurglar1370d ago

Master Raiden is right.

Sure, originally they were pallet swaps. But all of those characters have been fleshed out in the past 10-15 years.

They all look very distinct and they all play very differently now. They are no longer "clone" characters because of this.

VengefulPenguin1370d ago

the only clone character i can recall is probably just smoke, at the time they didn't really have much resources to have very diverse characters but there hasn't been anything as close to that of a clone ever since MK3.

Sure chameleon had an ice ball and a spear in a hacked version of UMK3, and he was a recolored version of sektor/cyrax, but on his official debut in MKA his he was actually a really impressive character.

You can go on ahead and tell me there are stolen moves in MKA but really that's a whole different issue

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