Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Review

Many of you are probably in the same boat as me when it comes to the current 360 headset, by that I mean the wire has curled up so much I could use it as a slinky, the headset itself has broken in half and held together by a few bits of tape and to add to all that the mini console has lost its grip on the controller and now comes out so easily you have to be careful when you sneeze for fear of losing communications with your team mates.

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shikwan5907d ago

The complaints of buzzing is due to the sound volume and as he stated CAN simply be fixed by turning the headset off/on.

The charge doesn't last too long as well, unlike the wireless controller. Maybe about 8 hours. But then the battery on the headset is FAR from the thickness of the wireless controller. I extend the use of the headset by turning it off when I'm not in a room, or when I step away from my 360, etc.

People also complain (as do I) about the range. It will drop connection (MOST times but not always), once you move out of sight of your 360. Although the main FEATURE of this headset is the freedom to move around, this boils down to a simple annoyance that's tolerable. Again to counter this problem, simply turn the headset off/on.

Also, I noticed that on occassion, when your in a room and check your voice mail, the mic sometimes keeps you 'disconnected' from the room. You'll be able to hear people but they won't be able to hear you. But yet again, you can resolve this by turning the headset off/on.

Lastly, because the mic is so sensitive, I can't listen to my gaming music as loud cause the mic will surely pick it up and it WILL annoy other XBL players. I will adjust by going back to the wired headset or turning my volume down. Simple.

DeathNote15907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

good review despite its few random problems. it was nice that we got a free headset at launch. even tho i wasn't wireless it plugged into the controller, so no biggy right? soon mine broke, so i have to pick up a new one. too bad it doesn't support bluetooth headsets like the ps3. then i wouldn't have to buy a new headset for the ps3 or 360! the headset would probably soon feel like a whore used so many different ways.

shikwan5907d ago

So I hear the problem with bluetooth headsets and PS3 controllers is that once the battery goes then what? You can't buy a replacement battery for (especially) your controller as there aren't any for sale.

FadeToBlack5907d ago

has worked fairly flawless since i have had it. Alos its so confortable i forget its there fater a few minutes of gaming. I really dont understand how there can be so many isolated complaints when i havent experianced any of them with my set.