Patch for Call of Duty 3 almost finished

Call of Duty 3 already received many positive reactions, although there were some problem with the multiplayer of the game. An employee of Infinity Ward confirmed that the company is currently working on a patch for the problem and the patch is almost finished. They only need to do some testing before it will be released.

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sjappie4342d ago

I hope they fix the shooting through walls, I get killed a lot standing behind cover,it's so annoying.

Silverwolf4342d ago

they fix the many bugs in single player as well.

D3acon4342d ago

So does this apply to the ps3 version. Perhaps now people will be able to use a headset?

Mikey_Gee4342d ago

.. where is the kill cam ????? MUST HAVE !!

ALso, to play a private match with friends, the lobby system in COD2 is much better.

Just escape back to lobby without needing to kick or kill the game, make changes, start again.