WiinUSoft Allows Pro Controllers On PC, Steam-Friendly

The time of a great change is at hand! Wii U controllers may soon be the new standard in quality gaming on your PC with the release of WiinUSoft.

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SidebarTalk2929d ago

Thank GOD. I'm stoked to try out Skullgirls using the Pro Controller, this is going to be awesome!

wonderfulmonkeyman2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

That'd be an awesome thing to use with Dust: An Elysian Tail and Bastion.
Now if only someone could find a way of enabling the Game Pad to allow off-screen play on Steam games.
Dust in my hands...

Big_Game_Hunters2929d ago

yay! i'll be honest the pro controller has become my favorite.

wannabe gamer2929d ago

so why is this controller any better than an xbox360 controller for PC? looks the same as far as amount of buttons and functions. just has stick and face buttons in opposite positions.... not a big deal unless you dont own a controller and just want to try something different i guess. but with xbox 260 controllers going so cheap now i dont see the point in switching over. amazon had them for 25$ yesterday

syne492929d ago

I like the bumpers a lot more on the Pro and the d-pad is actually useable.

wannabe gamer2928d ago

i can see the Dpad thing for sure. MS has never been able to get Dpad right

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