Gamers Universe: FIFA 09 Preview

Gamers Universe writes: "Over the past few years EA Sports' FIFA series has set out to establish a reputation for offering the most realistic gameplay coupled with the finest graphics in the football game genre. FIFA 08 in particular set the bar when it came to graphical quality but many players thought that the slower, passing focused gameplay didn't offer enough variation in the tactics you could employ to win – it was just too difficult to pick up the ball and run past defenders.

The more recent release of UEFA Euro 2008 (EA Sports' other current-gen football title) improved on many of these issues and offered a quicker, more exciting pace of play as well as the impressive visuals of FIFA 08. UEFA 2008 was actually a massive step forward from FIFA 08 and, some would say, marks the point at which EA has got back on top (in terms of gameplay) in the heated war with Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series. However, with Konami finally promising a PES title that has been built from the ground up for the 360 and PS3, it's already looking as though this year's face-off will be the most hard fought in recent years. So what can we look forward to from the FIFA camp?"

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Mozilla894467d ago

This actually sounds good, I think this will be the first year that I will get the game, I hated relying on passes so much in the last games. It seemed that the only tactic that would work would be going on the wings and sending a cross into the box hoping one of my players would connect.