Motorstorm: Target Render vs. Gameplay Comparison

Video comparing the E3 render of Motorstorm with the current gameplay build.

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UrbanJabroni4342d ago

Please someone try and say the game looks like the target renders. Please! Give it a shot. ;)

While the game may be good (although my experience with it at Target disagrees), to say that Sony needs to stop this tactic is an understatement. They set expectations WAY too high and consumers such as myself are bound to be dissapointed.

PS360PCROCKS4342d ago

Lol I'd say the "target render" was um slightly ambitious, but hey it doesn't matter no sane person thought it would actually look like that, but the game still does look good, I give it props, it's the best looking game to date for the PS3

MissAubrey4342d ago

they still think Killzone is actual gameplay.

greenlynxx4342d ago

Agreed. The game definately looks good but doesn't even come close to the E3 target.

Antan4342d ago

whats funny is that the devs recently stated that some portions of the game actually out-do the E3 trailer!!!!! not from where im sitting! BUT, it still looks very very good, and i for one shall pick it up sometime next year.

DeathNote14342d ago

they said that about killzone, not motorstorm.

Scrumptious4342d ago

said it about both. I remember that was stated based on a newer demo than at the kiosks.

unleash bass4342d ago

I thought this game may be the one that made me buy a PS3 after I saw the target render videos. That's the sort of quality I've been expecting from the PS3 after all the hype about how much power it has and it owning the 360 etc..

But, looking at that video I'm not going to bother at least not for a while. I think the actual game footage looks ok, but it's not a massive leap. The ralley stages on Gran Turrismo 4 looked about that good.

I hope the PS3 comes good after a year or so cus at the moment...

It's proper Boo! (Not impressed!).

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The story is too old to be commented.