OXCGN's Saint's Row IV: Gat Out of Hell Review

Saints Row is a franchise that identifies itself with the term “ridiculous.” The first was a GTA knock-off. The second embraced a little more silliness. Volition found their niche with The Third. Finally, IV took the game to superhero-proportions by giving the player super powers. To put it simply, this is not a serious series, and it’s one of the funniest games out there.

Volition and Deep Silver have ported Saints Row IV and its new expansion Gat Out of Hell to next-gen consoles, and quite honestly, I’m not entirely sure it warrants your purchase.

For a full review of IV, please check out OXCGN's original review. This review will award a score for each ported title individually, and the package as a whole. The version being reviewed is the Xbox One.

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bondigamer2465d ago

Interesting to see the review split in two, both the game and the DLC. But from the looks of it, neither got great reviews.